ATM (2012)

ATM (2012)
ATM (2012) DVD / Blu-ray

By: Christopher Young (Five Beers)-

It really creeps me out when I use an ATM at night. Anyone who says they do not look over their shoulder at least once is a down right liar. There is always the fear of someone seeing your personal info or that creep who wants your last twenty more than you. With these things in mind ATM was almost a no-brainer on one cold and boring Saturday night.

The story here is pretty simple as it circles around three 20-somethings as they leave a work Christmas party. You have David (Brian Geraghty) as the dorky friend in search of true love, Emily (Alice Eve), hot lil’ co worker and possible love interest to David, and Corey (Josh Peck) who is the cool party boy of the crew. David offers Emily a ride home and just as they are about to leave Corey begs his way into a ride too. As Corey continues to drink it seems the munchies have kicked in and he must have something to eat. Realizing he is cashless, David stops at a 24 hour cash box. This is where things get hairy.

A Toast

Selling the viewer on a true feeling of isolation can be a pretty tough gig, but that is one of the few things ATM did pretty well. You can almost feel the ice cold claustrophobia increase as the time passes. The only thing colder than this ATM would have to be the writing. We’ll get to that in a bit.

People are actually watching this?
People are actually watching this?

Beer Two

My second beer has to be a cheap one because I have to throw it directly at my TV (who wastes good beer?). I can get past a few plot holes here and there, but you have to keep them small. This story has holes so big a Chevy Cavalier could drive right through. Why is this hooded killer killing? Why don’t the three of them make a break for it at the same time? Couldn’t three able bodied humans give one possibly weaponless man a run for his money? The title of this could have easily been, “F*ck a Rhyme or Reason, this will work”.

Beer Three

If you saw the full trailer for this, you saw the whole movie. Upon seeing the sneak peek I had a weird feeling the whole movie just flashed before my eyes and it did. This makes me wonder if they intentionally decided to put all of the action in the trailer or had to just to keep the viewer watching. One word sums this up, LAME.

Poor acting = death.
Poor acting = death.

Beer Four

Everything from the acting to directing comes off forced. The events seem to make no sense and the wooden acting does not help to mask the lack of flow in this production. I was left to wonder if there were a bunch of blind and\or deaf people taking turns at directing this snooze fest.

Beer Five

Horror and thriller movies tend to require some kind of suspension of disbelief in order to fully enjoy them. I am a Saw fan and also liked both Collector movies, but this movie is asking all too much. I did hit on this early so we will not keep smashing the dead horse’s head in. Suffice it to say I have a hard time believing you can drown people in an ATM when they’re surrounded by breakable glass or can just open the door.

Weren't you in Urban Legend too?
Weren’t you in Urban Legend too?


Personally I hate the idea of freezing to death and being trapped in a glass cage does not help. My fear of ATMs may have actually helped this film avoid the dreaded “six pack of death” and if so, only by a hair. There really is not much to recommend here but the desolate location and a feeling of oncoming death will always rattle me a little. See this one if you have nothing else going on, or a fetish for cold glass.


Drinking Game

Take a Swig: anytime you could have made a better choice than our victims.

Slam a Shot: each time you think any motive might be coming.

Enjoy a Sip: whenever someone whips their drink at the TV in disbelief.

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