American Pie (1999) Movie Review

American Pie (1999)
American Pie (1999) DVD/Blu-Ray

By: Shaun Wren (A Toast) –

American Pie takes a hysterical look into the life of four high school friends Jim (Jason Briggs), Oz (Chris Klein), Kevin, (Thomas Ian Nicholas) and Finch (Eddie Thomas). Their goal is to get laid by prom via manipulating the hearts of the girls of their dreams.

A Toast

This film is the bench mark and floor plan of every teen movie ever made since 1999, which makes it a classic.

All four characters are relatable, which makes this film more socially important because if you think about it, even though a shitload has changed over the decade, one thing will NEVER change and that’s your High School experience.

You’ll always have the guys who aren’t able to talk to girls like normal people and when they do they always make a fool out of themselves… or the Jims to put it nicely. Then there’s that friend whose been in a high school relationship where the girl is at her most confused and will never last, but there’s also that Jock type who’s the biggest dick in the world but still able to get the girls.

Away from the sex stuff there’s another story in the film the father – son relationship between Jim and his dad, (Eugene Levy) which is heart-warming and shows that a father will do anything for his son; it doesn’t matter how fucked up it is.


Sean William Scott must think the character of Steve Stifler is more of a curse then a blessing. Ever since the American Pie movies you can’t think of a flick of his that doesn’t have a Stifler characteristic. Still, despite how much of a dick Stifler is you still wish you had his ballsiness and cockiness.

Watching this movie you always think of which character you are. I’m definitely more a Jim. I’m not saying that I’ve fucked baked goods but when it comes to girls I sometimes make a fool out of myself.



This movie is a classic no doubt and without it the likes of Superbad and Project X wouldn’t have been made in the same way.


It also suffers the downfall of its own success which I get into with the shocking DVD series.

Lastly, it has one of the best soundtracks in movie history.  If you can think of a better one then let me know.


Drinking Game

Take a Drink: for every girl Stifler hooks up with.

Take a Drink: for every time Nadia speaks in that every bad European accent.

Take a Drink: for every time Stifler refers to himself as the Stifmeister.

Take a Drink: if you’ve said the word M.I.L.F.

Take a Drink: if you ever took a dump in High School.

Do a Shot: if YOU think Ariel is hot.

Do a Shot: if this film was the first time you ever saw a pair of boobs.

Do a Shot: if you ever used a sock whilst masturbating.

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  1. Straight up classic if you’re of a particular age. Haven’t watched it in years, though, and glad to hear it holds up.

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