A Single Man (2009)

By: Henry J. Fromage (Three Beers) –

Colin Firth plays a college professor in the 50s struggling with the loss of his partner while navigating a society that does not acknowledge his lifestyle.

A Toast

Firth is the heart and soul of this film.  He will be receiving a lot of attention soon for his role in The King’s Speech, but it you may have forgotten that he received his first Best Actor nomination in 2010 for this film.  He is simply great in this.

This is acting.

The production values, especially costumes and set design, are excellent.  This is about what you’d expect from first-time director Tom Ford, who is more famous as the designer who resurrected Gucci.

Not actual costumes, thankfully

REUTERS photos by Carlos Barria, Adnan Abidi, Stefano Rellandini via Oddly Enough

Ford also shows a nice feel for setting up shots, and he creates some beautiful dream-like sequences to get inside Firth’s thoughts and feelings and give the whole film an increasingly surreal quality that progresses with the grief Firth shows.  He also picked a good story that would fit right into the Mad Men universe.

Don Draper would approve

Beer Two

You’re going to feel like drinking after seeing some of Firth’s behavior, though.  The screenwriter seems to confuse profound with creepy and socially awkward, culminating in a vision of Firth giving some random child a face full of water.

Take that, crackah!

Beer Three

A final beer should be drunk for the script.  There are a few too many corny and obvious lines, such as the saccharine “You’re the one that’s always saying that we’re invisible.”  Likewise, the ending seems to stray into sappy and familiar territory, robbing the movie of its power.  It’ll be interesting to see what Ford can do with a stronger script in the future.

I’m thinking martial arts film


Watch it.  Firth turns in an amazing performance and it’d be hard to find a better-looking film.


Bonus Drinking Game

Take a Drink: every time Firth is propositioned

Take a Drink: every time Firth gazes tragically at something

Drink a Shot: every time Firth punks a child

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