2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)
2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) DVD/Blu-Ray

By: Katherine Balestrini (Six Pack) –

A film so bizarre and artistic, even looking at it 45 years later the world is still thinking WTF!! Stanley Kubrick’s only contribution to Science Fiction on the big screen, and let’s be honest, not his finest work. However for a film made in 1968 it did have a few things good about it, although I’m not sure I could make a list, more a note.

The film is supposed to be about, I think, evolution, our reliance on technology, and some apes! There is a trip to Jupiter, why Jupiter I don’t rightly know. Maybe Marvin the Martian had shares in Mars? Anyway they are off to Jupiter, the lesser of the popular planets to make movies on. Then poor HAL, the onboard computer has a breakdown, a mental breakdown! Maybe it’s because making a film with no one talking much and not much happening, it just snapped under the pressure. Saying that, when you listen to HAL he does sound EPICALLY bored, similar to the people watching it.


Nothing interesting here, except maybe Uranus !!!

A Toast

Made with the minds of Stanley Kubrick and Arthur C. Clarke, it was always going to be a mind f**k. It also did inspire a LOT of movies, well they claim it did. I just think that directors saw this and said, we can do better!


The Terminator has HAL’S eyes. Could be a coincidence, if Science Fiction believes in coincidences??

Beer Two

The apes, no sensible reason for apes in this film. I doubt we were evolved from apes, but if we had been we wouldn’t have made this movie! We would be eating bananas.


No need to replace humans, just because we may have come from them. Although Colonel O’ Neill is looking good!!

Beer Three

The four plots… FOUR!!! It is hard enough to follow HAL going space mental without thinking about apes, our existence, Jupiter, and aliens!


I bet James Franco gets it!

Beer Four

The special effects, sure it was 1968 and there are most definitely worse science fiction films out there. But ten years later they made Star Wars and this was the same man who made the excellent Dr. Strangelove. Maybe working with Peter Sellers was that bad and Stanley Kubrick had a psychotic break and thought, I will make a film about aliens.

Beer Five

They made a sequel to try and explain what the hell happened in 2001… I couldn’t mentally watch 2010… EVER!!


Total Wipeout, EXTREME

Beer Six

All the actors in the film were so traumatised by this movie, that their heads just couldn’t remain famous. Sure they have made movies and TV appearances, but none really broke out from this movie and nor should they have.


I am going to be a massive movie star… MASSIVE!!


Six Pack

The music is superb ..but the rest is just f**ked up!!! Sorry about the f word, but sometimes a movie just breaks your brain. But then Stanley Kubrick, like so few directors, had a way of looking at things that was always unique.  Sometimes it’s like watching a genius… a mentally insane one.


Would have been a better movie if there were guns and it was on Mars!

Drinking Game

Take a Drink: EVERY time you see apes

Take a Drink: every time Dr Bowman says HAL

Do a Shot: every time you get confused

Take a Large Drink: if you think, I might watch the sequel

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  1. This is why we need a rebuttal section for other reviewers to make a counter point.

    • I think that would require the initial review to have points, though. So far I see that “it’s boring,” “there are apes in it,” “it’s episodic,” and “the actors didn’t make it big because of the movie.” I’m not completely convinced the reviewer saw the movie, or if they did they didn’t pay as much attention as they could have.

  2. I’m beyond shocked! Six beers for this movie? SIX? The apes are a pivotal point to the story because the whole film’s theme is evolution and the special effects are incredible! Bill this makes me want to write a rebuttal review lol.

  3. Not seen it!! I lost too many hours to this film, sure I lost the will to live during it and didnt really care after a while, but I will not say I didnt watch it!!!It stole my life..MY LIFE!!! Heck, I even watched the sequel 🙂

  4. This isn’t even a review. It’s the equivalent of saying “LOLWUT, SO RANDOM, KTHXBAI”.

  5. Julio De Francisco

    I disagree. This movie is a classic. Tough for me to consider anything more than A Toast for this film. Special effects alone – it was an achievement in its era. Four plots, that’s usually a good thing if a movie has more than one – it’s whether or not they meant anything to the viewer. This review lacks explaining what about the plots makes it so bad, other than there are 4…

  6. Julio De Francisco

    I don’t even…

  7. To be completely honest, if I had never heard of the film, I would not have learned anything about it from this review. Also, the four plots aren’t so complicated – it’s not Cloud Atlas where they’re interweaved; it’s rather episodic in the way it treats those things.

  8. I must also respectfully disagree with this review and note that two of the beers assigned do not pertain to the movie in question. One was for the actors failing to attain fame after the film and the other was due to the fact that a sequel was made. I support personal opinion and the courage it takes to put your thoughts out there for critique and comment. I feel this review could have benefitted from more depth of analysis and a clear line of reasoning. I hope you take only the positive from this and continue to put yourself out there.

  9. Obviously Katherine is not fit to review a merry go-round, let alone a movie. I could hear her gum smacking as I read it.

    A word to the wise for the people who run this site. If you ever want to be taken seriously as a movie review source, you need to immediately take this down and tell Katherine “thanks for trying sweetie, we’ll take it from here.” If you decide to add a reality TV section to your site, then MAYBE she could be allowed to review the housewives’ outfits. But honestly, this “review” of one of the all time great classics, by arguably the greatest filmmaker who ever lived, is simply a travesty and it makes everyone look bad.

  10. sorry it took so long to reply I was knitting and applying for jobs to work on TV, so I could watch Alec’s mum ! I am allowed an opinion, the world doesnt have to appreciate it and whoever said Stanley Kubrick was one of the best directors…has NEVER seen Eyes Wide Shut!!! and if he loved it so much, why did he never make another science fiction movie and if you dont believe me, that Mr Kubrick was not a genius, ask Stephen King (Author), he didnt like him either, so there :p

  11. Actually Stephen King did like him, he just didn’t like his adaptation of ‘The Shining’. Despite that King still recommends the film in his book ‘Danse Macabre’.

    You’re absolutely allowed your opinion, sure you are, but what we have here is a total failure to engage in the film in any way at all. Basically every criticism of the film comes down to “It made me think! I hate movies that do that.”. And at that point the problem isn’t with the film it’s with you.

    For the record I don’t even like 2001 that much, though I recognise how important it is. But weirdly it’s for none of the asinine ‘issues’ you mention here.

  12. I also think there is a difference between having an opinion (which you are definitely allowed) and feeling that opinion is supported and articulated well enough to put online for the edification of others. The latter should be able to reasonably hold up to scrutiny.

    Also, Kubrick absolutely did other sci-fi after this (A Clockwork Orange, the work he did on AI before he died).

  13. I really hope this idiot is just operating on such a high level of irony that none of us mere mortals could ever hope to comprehend it.

    Otherwise, fuck you.

  14. Humans ARE apes. No need to have evolved from apes as we presently are, by biological definition, apes.

  15. This is terrible. Did some 14-year-old write this for their high school news paper’s “oldies” section or something? Ridiculous. Why would they even publish this?

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