World of Tomorrow (2015) Movie Review: In 15 Minutes, Don Hertzfeldt Shows the Animation World How It’s Done

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By: Henry J. Fromage (A Toast) –

World of Tomorrow is 17 minutes long.  And yet, it’s going to be tough for any animated film, regardless of length, to top it this year.



Yes, I’m aware there are two Pixar films coming out.

The plot is simple enough- a pigtailed little girl, Emily, is contacted by a third generation clone of herself from the future, and brought through time to meet her in order to share one memory precious to the adult clone.

A Toast

I recently hyped Don Hertzfeldt’s It’s Such a Beautiful Day, but with this film, he distills much of what was so amazing about that one into a quarter of an hour and adds a healthy dose of childlike wonder and joy.


Hallucinogens optional.

Hertzfeldt once again places his simple, off-kilter line drawings into a kaleidoscopic dreamworld of different animation techniques and avant-garde style choices.  His vision of the future is both thrillingly abstract and cuttingly specific.  Does anyone doubt that the moment we’re able to view our memories on screen, most of them will be of us looking at a screen?

This is essentially a two-hander between two very different voice actors.  Julia Pott’s very matter-of-fact, dry British delivery is perfectly complemented and counterpointed by Winona Mae’s four year old meanderings and weapons-grade cuteness.


I dare you to resist her charm.

I’ll save some surprises for you, but I’ll leave by saying that it’s shocking how much humor (from pitch black all the way to light & airy), heartbreak, and humanity Hertzfeldt packs into a mere quarter hour, creating a unique and essential meditation on nostalgia, memory, loss, and love.


It seems like I’m using way too many superlatives this year, but if a better documentary than The Look of Silence, or a better family film than Cinderella, a better drama than Mommy, or a better animated film than World of Tomorrow comes out in 2015, we’re in for one hell of a bounty in 2015.


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