Always Watching: A Marble Hornets Story (2015) Movie Review: I Probably Should Have Stopped Watching

Drinking Game

Take a Drink: every time “The Operator” shows up on screen.

Take a Drink: every time Milo screams like a little girl.

Do a Shot: for each jump scare.

Take a Drink: each time someone is “branded”.

Do a Shot: for love triangles.

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Movie Review

By: Frankie B. (Five Beers) –

When this movie was presented me, all I saw was “cult horror film”, which usually means that I am going to watch the movie no matter what. I should have learned my lesson after having to endure Incall. Also, I probably should have realized what I was in for when I saw that this movie was based on a YouTube webseries. A red flag also may have been raised when I realized that the character on the artwork for the poster looks exactly like The Slender Man.

You will definitely want to slap some sense into him before the end of the movie.
You will definitely want to slap some sense into him before the end of the movie.

Always Watching centers around a reporter, Sara (Alexandra Breckenridge), her producer, Charlie (Jake McDorman), and her cameraman, Milo (Chris Marquette), as they follow a company that cleans out foreclosed homes. A discovery in one of the homes leads them to uncovering “The Operator”, a mysterious figure that can only be seen using a camera. They are soon fighting for their lives and unraveling the mystery of a family that suddenly vanished in the middle of the night.

"Oh man, look what I found! A bunch of creepy ass videos, let's watch them all!" No thanks.
“Oh man, look what I found! A bunch of creepy ass videos, let’s watch them all!” No thanks.

A Toast

The best thing that I can say about this movie is that it at least tried to be scary. It wasn’t, but it sure tried to be. When the most horrific thing in your movie is a dog dying off-screen in its sleep, you are not winning the horror game.

The villain of our story is... a well dressed mannequin.
The villain of our story is… a well dressed mannequin.

Beer Two

You have a whole webseries dedicated to the character of The Slender Man. I’m sorry, I meant to say “The Operator”, and this is the best movie you could come up with. The Operator is just painfully generic; it’s kind of depressing every time that you see him. I kept thinking that his costume was incomplete; a dude with a spandex mask on… bone chilling stuff. They should have tried something fresh and new, not just throwing a bigger budget version of the webseries on the big screen.

Didn't we learn anything from I Am Legend? You never kill the dog.
Didn’t we learn anything from I Am Legend? You never kill the dog.

Beer Three

Killing a dog and a kid in the same movie? That’s pretty fucking bold for a mediocre horror movie. I like the attempt at being bold, but it was still pretty awful.


Beer Four

If you were to get Paranormal Activity and Sinister to drunkenly hook up, Always Watching would be its bastard lovechild. It’s as if you mashed those two movies together and then removed all of the good parts. Remove the overall sense of dread, creepy death sequences, and effective characters, and you are left with Always Watching.


Beer Five

As a viewer, I can say that I did not give a shit about any of the characters in this movie. Not one. Except the dog. You fucked up by killing the dog, just sayin’.


You could watch this, or you could just go and watch the webseries on YouTube. Your call. I’d choose to go watch Russian twerking videos or something, but that’s me.


Check it out or give it a by yourself on Amazon!

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