Violet & Daisy (2013) Movie Review

By: Henry J. Fromage (Five Beers) –

So, here you have the directorial debut of Geoffrey Fletcher, Oscar-winning screenwriter of Precious.  It stars James Galdolfini in one of his final roles, Alexis Bledel, and Saoirse Ronan in a hyperstylized tale of teen girl assassins who run into a bit of trouble on their latest hit.  What can go wrong?


I mean, Ronan in badass role can’t possibly… right?

A Toast

Well… there’s certainly a high ‘style’ content.  In certain scenes, like a bizarre 60s flight attendant afterlife dream sequence (you’ll just have to see it), it’s spectacular.  Too bad those scenes are way, way too few and far between.  As far as the acting goes, you can’t go too far wrong with Gandolfini, and the girls are just fine.

Beer Two

About all that stylizing.  I’m usually all for some quality stylized violence.


Thank you, sir! May I have some more?

However, if you go that route, the first rule is to keep the pace fast.  Violet & Daisy does the exact opposite, just unhurriedly meandering from scene to scene, whether it’s a shoot-out or dramatic character building.  The soporific score probably doesn’t help matters.

Beer Three

Part of the result of this is that you never know quite what tone they’re going for here.  Is it comedic? Dramatic?  Satiric?  Sad? Action-packed?  Comic Book?  It half-heartedly nibbles at the margin of all of these, but never fully commits.

Beer Four

The one thing you’d think you could count on Fletcher for is a script, but this is no less problematic.  He has a serious tell, don’t show problem, revealing character back story and even major plot points mainly through boring conversations.  Also, his Tarantino-aping dialogue fares about as well as all of the other Tarantino wanna-be’s out there.


Remember this?  Neither do they, I’m pretty sure…

Beer Five

Most annoyingly, how the fuck have Violet and Daisy survived this long?  They seriously are actively incompetent assassins at every turn.  They run around shooting with their eyes closed, stay in the same place they fired unsilenced shots off for hours, and even fall the fuck asleep at on their target’s couch…

The Icemanposter

You have to have MichaelShannonface to get away with that shit


Violet & Daisy seemed to be right up my alley, but is just one more sad stab at another Reservoir Dogs, a decade late and a dollar short.


Violet & Daisy (Drinking Game)

Take a Drink: whenever Daisy is a ditz

Take a Drink: for every hit

Take a Drink: for pets

Take a Drink: whenever the damn dresses are referenced

Do a Shot: whenever V & D (hmmm… ewww) prove to be horribly incompetent assassins

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