The Unborn (1991)

The Unborn (1991)
The Unborn (1991) DVD / Blu-ray

By: Mother Clicker (Five Beers) –

Becoming a parent can be a very fearful experience, especially if you don’t know what you may be getting ready to give birth to. This film directed by Rodman Flender (don’t worry if the name doesn’t ring a bell). Virginia Marshall after years of trying has found a miracle worker, Dr. Meyerling. She becomes pregnant after her first try of his in-vitro program. As time goes on Virginia starts to doubt the doctor’s motives, what’s happening to her, and what this baby really is.

A Toast

It took the idea of an evil child being born, but at least this time it wasn’t the work of the Devil. It was man trying to make a perfect creation, and playing with nature in ways he never should. It played on the creepiness pregnancy brings. There is this “alien living inside you” feeling; two beings in one person, body snatcher, parasitic feeling you get when pregnant. Been there done that twice.  Sure it’s beautiful, but if you really think about it, it’s creepy and at times gory.

Beer Two

The cast was basically unknown to me. The “Star” of it was Brooke Adams, and I’m still trying to place her. She was in The Dead Zone (movie) with Christopher Walken.


When a film has Kathy Griffin in it I lose some hope. This is Kathy, pre- plastic surgery so it did take me a couple looks to for sure know it was her. I still love you Kathy!


The actor I saw in this I was excited about was James Karen. I know him because of Return of the Living Dead.


Last person I actually recognized was Lisa Kudrow (before the bleach and Friends) as a receptionist for the evil doctor.


Beer Three

The “friends” who recommend the doctor had a daughter with his help. All they did was brag and brag about this genius kid they had. Everyone hates those parents. “My baby was walking at 6 months.” Shut the hell up. Nobody believes you. This perfect little child presumably kills her brother, and she is just standing there giggling. One of the creepiest moments in the movie thanks to a 2-3 year old.


Beer Four

The “baby”, if you can call it that, was a horrible plastic/rubber creation. And I’m sorry it’s 5 lbs. and maybe 20 inches long. How does that scare you? Punt that sucker across the room! It was like an infant version of Chucky, who I still to this day don’t fully understand.


Beer Five

This beer is for the fact that someone had the bad idea of doing an apparent sequel, The Unborn II (1994)



This film could be a good form of birth control. The first scenes of something apparently ripping the woman open from the inside… yeah, no thank you! I still can’t watch those delivery room shows on TLC.  The film had some potential if it had jumped into the future or tied in the other children that came from the doctor more.

Drinking Game

Do a Shot: if you are not pregnant

Take a Drink: every normal or odd pregnancy symptom spotted

Do a Shot: for the cat

Take a Drink: every time you would’ve punted that baby

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