Tribeca Film Review: Super Duper Alice Cooper (2014)

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Super Duper Alice Cooper isn’t just the story of a rock god. It’s the story of American hero, and his name is Alice Cooper. Or Vincent Furnier, whatever. The point is, don’t go to see Super Duper Alice Cooper if you’re just looking for a documentary on Alice Cooper, the band and the man. This “doc-opera” (yeah, we don’t know what that is but that’s what they’re calling it) is a film about a man who went head to head with his demons and won. Sure, he’s now more into preaching and golfing than sex and drugs, but this film is the ultimate heroic tale about rock and roll’s original glam king, his struggles with dependencies, and achieving the highest glories rock and roll has to offer.

That beer is so not gonna be good for your sanity down the road.

That beer is so not gonna be good for your sanity down the road.

That beer is so not gonna be good for your sanity down the road.

A Toast

It’s not a normal documentary by any means. Cooper and most of the surviving members of the band, plus a few other key players in Alice’s life, give more of an oral history, never seen but heard in the background, while a colorful montage of archival material sort of floats in and out. It does cover Alice’s growing up in Detroit to the time his family moved to Phoenix due to Alice’s health problems, and meeting with the future members of Alice Cooper, going to LA and meeting Frank Zappa, yadda yadda yadda.


Totally Alice, hockey jersey’s are what all the rock stars are wearing these days.

There’s barely any mention of his classic songs or albums but they do appear to help paint a picture of each new stage of Alice’s life. It’s not a rock documentary; it’s more of a personal journey of seeing Alice fight the demons that came with all the success of being a rock and roll star. It is a well put together film that really stands out from any other music documentary, and I would definitely declare one of the very best of the year.

We finally made it onto the map . . . literally!

We finally made it onto the map . . . literally!



I can’t rave enough about this film. If you’re a fan of Alice Cooper or a fan of the thousands of bands influenced by Alice Cooper, than you’ll definitely enjoy the ride into this man’s nightmare.

Drinking Game

Have a Beer: every time you see Alice with a beer, which is a lot!

Do a Double: whenever Alice relapses and goes to rehab, which also happens a lot!

Have a Drink: at the end when you know everything is good now in his world!

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