Tribeca Film Review: The Overnight (2015)

Drinking Game

Do a Shot: when the film’s opening sex scene kind of tells you what the real subject matter of the film is about.

Take a Drink: for discomfort

Have a double: when Jason Schwartzman unveils his manhood.

Have a Shot and a Beer: when the sexual climax gets underway and you won’t believe who hooks up.

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By: Rob Perez (Three Beers) –

The term adult comedy really does describe this hilarious Duplass brother’s film perfectly, which Movieboozer recently checked out at the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival. While The Overnight does touch on the topic of adult swinging, the film is more about male fixations and the very real, very emotional topic all men are sensitively prone to. In other words, when it comes to The Overnight, you come for the sex but stay for the “meat,” or lack thereof.

"I hear you're having penis issues."
“I hear you’re having penis issues.”

A Toast

After moving to Los Angeles and testing out their bed, Seattle couple Alex (Adam Scott) and Emily (Taylor Schilling) appear to be satisfied with their new home and their sex life. Yet Alex yearns to make new friends and figures the best way is to arrange a play date. When Kurt (Jason Schwartzman) enters their lives, Alex and Emily can’t quite figure him out but he appears non-threatening enough to accept his invitation to his home and eventual overnight party.

Pickle for your thoughts.
Pickle for your thoughts.

At Kurt’s home, they’re introduced to Kurt’s wife Charlotte (Judith Godreche) and their son. As the kids are sent to bed, we find that the couple share several eccentric traits. Kurt’s main source of income seems to come from hawking water filters, but he’s also an artist. In fact he’s so proud of his latest pieces, “Portals”, that he praises Alex for correctly guessing what they’re actually paintings of (sphincters, seriously). Charlotte is also proud of her artistic endeavors, doing breast pump demonstrations labeled as educational, but which appear to be marketed more for a fetish audience. Later on, as Charlotte and Emily make a beer run, Charlotte actually takes Emily to a nondescript office that is really a front for a massage parlor in which Emily shockingly witnesses Charlotte service a client.

You know what comes out of those peepholes?
You know what comes out of those peepholes?

But all of that is really just filler for the real “meat” and potatoes of the film, which explores insecurities and unfulfilling relationships. We learn that Kurt and Charlotte are actually very distant and lead a sort of faux marriage, but to everyone else on the outside look to be very happy and sexually satisfied. And Alex and Emily also come to grips with an issue that both have a hard time admitting to; that their sex life is isn’t as fulfilling as it could be. It takes Kurt to help Alex come to terms about the size of his pickle (which is easy for Kurt since his package is abnormally large) and even helps him come loose, literally, as both actors just let their underwear drop during an impromptu late night swim in Kurt’s pool, and let it all hang out. We see Kurt and Alex share a dance, share their feelings about their penis size, and, with their wives looking on and having their approval, share a brief, intimate moment by film’s end that before it becomes a full on swing fest with all four principal characters is interrupted by their kids running into their room.

You know what they say about guys with big hats . . .
You know what they say about guys with big hats . . .

Beer Two

The film keeps the audience guessing the entire time, and you’re not quite sure who’s pursuing who. While not a critique, the cat and mouse game does seem to go on a bit until we reach the film’s climax, but the characters so very well cast that they are able to cleverly keep up all the twists that keep turning up. Kudos also go to director Patrick Brice, who keeps the pace of the film going on very well for the most part.

Beer Three

Unless you’ve read previous reviews or heard about the film’s actual premise beforehand, the sight of Schwartzman and Scott freely letting their manhood out comes as a shock, so, again not a real criticism, you’ll want to be prepared for a couple of guys comparing sizes that can best be described as comparing apples and oranges, or better yet, pickles and cucumbers.


Indie darlings Mark and Jay Duplass, the executive producers of The Overnight, will have no trouble filling seats with their devoted fans, but as far as this ‘boozer is concerned, it’s worth checking out. It’s not a date movie and it might be too painful to watch if you or the one you love are going through any of the above-mentioned issues, so it might be best to watch this one when it’s available on VOD or available on a streaming movie service.


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