Trainwreck (2015) Movie Review: Amy Schumer Shines in a Hilarious, Genuine Rom-Com

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Billy Joel for the win.
Billy Joel for the win.

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By: Matt Conway (Two Beers) – 

Personally, I don’t feel like Judd Apatow gets enough credit for all that he has accomplished. Ever since writing and directing The 40-Year-Old Virgin in 2005, Apatow has established his style of raunchy comedy as a brand. With his work on classic comedies like Superbad, Knocked Up, and Pineapple Express, Apatow has helped in popularizing the raunchy comedy, as well as making stars out of Seth Rogen and Jonah Hill.

A classic...featuring Jonah's jewfro!
A classic…featuring Jonah’s jewfro!

As of recent, however, Apatow and his work has been receiving quite a bit of backlash. Both of his last two films, Funny People and This is 40, have their fair share of fans, but also were not nearly as well-received as his past films. People were even claiming that Apatow had his own negative trademarks, mainly over-long running times. Apatow’s latest project Trainwreck partners him with the red-hot comedian Amy Schumer, and the two make an overall winning pair. It’s a hilarious and incredibly genuine romantic comedy.

Trainwreck follows Amy, an independent and career-driven woman who does not believe in relationships. She soon begins to face her fears, however, when she meets Aaron, a sports doctor she is covering for a piece.

A Toast

Trainwreck is very much Amy Schumer’s project, and she surely shines. Schumer is a real natural on screen, and has an impressively quick wit to match. Unlike in her fantastic sketch show Inside Amy Schumer, though, this film allows her to show off more range. Schumer really shows off star-power as an actress, with a real effortless mix between comedy and drama.

Probably the only good show on Comedy Central.
Probably the only good show on Comedy Central.

Starring alongside Schumer is Bill Hader, who is quickly rising to be one of my personal favorite actors today. Hader is such a charmer, being the perfect co-lead for a romantic comedy. Both Hader and Schumer are such a joy to watch on screen, as they are two extremely talented comedians and actors. As the audience, you really grow to care about the two as they have such an effortless charm together.

Trainwreck has perhaps one of the most loaded supporting cast in a movie this year, with a fantastic mixture between respected actors, sports figures, and general celebrities. The standouts have to be John Cena and Lebron James, who, despite being known as sport stars, show quite a bit of comedic chops. As a big fan of the NBA, James especially stole the spotlight for me, as he not only pokes fun at himself but also plays off the stereotype of the best friend in a rom com.

Lebron James, the only person who wants to go back to Cleveland.
Lebron James, the only person who wants to go back to Cleveland.

In the director’s chair is Apatow, who seems to have taken the criticism he has been given over the years. Trainwreck feels like his most polished film to date, not having as many rambling moments or excessive comedic bits as some of his past films. Apatow also always directs with a real sense of place, and makes the streets of New York come alive.

Schumer not only stars in the film, but also wrote the screenplay, which is perhaps Trainwreck‘s strongest aspect. As far as the jokes go, Schumer really shows off a mastery of comedy. There really is something for anyone here, with the kind of raunchy jokes one would expect from an R-rated comedy like this, but also some clever pop culture and sports jokes. She also spreads the material well, with everyone in the supporting cast from Tilda Swinton to Randall Park having some clever lines.

Weird seeing him not play Kim Jong Un.
Weird seeing him not play Kim Jong Un.

Unlike most romantic comedies, Trainwreck has extremely realistic characters and situations. Each of the more dramatic moments in the film felt incredibly genuine and coming from a place of understanding. Schumer gives some great insights into the fear of commitment and the struggles of relationships that caught me off guard as to how effective they are. Each character acts like a person would, with each conflict being an understandable one and one where the audience can see the two sides of the coin.

Best of all, Trainwreck is the kind of movie that will just warm your heart. Schumer’s script does hit the beats of your typical romantic comedy, but with a fresh perspective and more realistic vibe. The final ten minutes or so especially was just such a joy to watch, having the kind of payoff that audiences will be happy to see. It really is a credit to how likable the cast is and how well-constructed their characters are.

Two Beers

Trainwreck is close to great, but has a few noticeable detracting elements. Like most romantic comedies, the third act set-up before the finale is a weak point. The film had a bullet train of momentum going for it, but seemingly loses a bit of its energy when it comes to transitioning in the third act. I wish Schumer found a way to avoid these moments or make a clever twist on them.

While this is Apatow’s most polished film yet, there still are some notable flaws. At around 2 hours, Trainwreck runs just a bit too long. There are still a few scenes chock-full of stars and some funny moments, but these moments don’t really have a role persay in progressing the story along.

These kind of scenes make up about half of Funny People's two and a half hour running time...
These kinds of scenes make up about half of Funny People’s two and a half hour running time…


Trainwreck is an extremely genuine and hilarious comedy that more than lives up to pre-release expectations. Amy Schumer and Bill Hader both show that they have star potential, with Schumer especially having a very bright future in comedy ahead of her (Lebron might too).

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