Trailer Park Boys: Don’t Legalize it (2014)

Drinking Game

Take a Drink: whenever you see weed

Take a Drink: “sorry”

Take a Drink: whenever Ricky mangles vocabulary

Take a Drink: whenever a character does (Take Two: when Julian actually sips from the drink in his hand)

Take a Drink: “white boy”

Do a Shot: for dildos

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Movie Review

By: Henry J. Fromage (Three Beers) –

Ever since resurrecting Arrested Development, Netflix has been assailed by fanbases to save their poor critically-acclaimed, poorly-rated, and now canceled TV show, to no avail. Sorry Community (thank God for Yahoo… which has gotta be the first time that phrase has been uttered), fat chance Party Down, Trophy Wife, and Enlisted, we hardly knew ye.

Cavemen is totally coming back, though.

Flying completely under the radar, though, was Trailer Park Boys, the Cult Canadian Comedy Production (CCCP, hockey, work with me here) about a bunch of low-life trailer park residents and their ever-escalating shenanigans, which Netflix recently dropped an unexpected 8th season of. What tided us over til then is Don’t Legalize It, in which the boys, once more free men, try pursuing separate illegal business ventures for once. Ricky’s still growing pot, and Julian’s now selling clean piss he steals from the nearby military base, but when Canada looks to legalize weed once and for all, they must unite to stop it before it destroys both of their businesses.

A Toast

To the Trailer Park Boys. I thought these crude, criminal, comedy idiot savant Canucks were gone forever, but it turns out they were hard at work on this movie and that 8th season of their series almost immediately after their “Final Season”. For fans of the series, watching Don’t Legalize It is like slipping into super-comfortable pizza sauce and bong-water stained sweats.


Fuck It: The Pants

The joys of the series spring from the characters, and Don’t Legalize It won’t disappoint fans of the series in that regard. Many of the smaller characters pop up here and there, and J-Roc gets a somewhat expanded role, but once the show hits the road it’s all about the central trio of Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles and crusty park superintendent Jim Lahey and his bumbling shirtless sidekick Randy’s attempts to bust them once and for all.

These characters and their dynamic are ridiculous, but feel so real, like reuniting with old friends. It’s all about the little things- Ricky’s malapropisms, Bubble’s ridiculously low lifestyle expectations and love of cats, how Julian always has a rum and coke in hand, even when he should by all rights need it for something else, Lahey’s addictive lifestyle, Randy’s rentboy tendencies, and so on. Newcomers may well find Don’t Legalize It funny, but this movie was made (and delivers) for the fans.

Beer Two

Don’t Legalize It has a lot larger production budget than the shoestring original series and films, but that actually works against it, as the camera’s cheap public TV documentary perspective now doesn’t make any sense. There’s plenty of distracting “Who’s shooting that?” moments.


So… like pretty much all faux documentary/found footage movies.

Beer Three

What works beautifully for 30 minutes starts to drag a bit after 60. Don’t Legalize It doesn’t feel like an overextended episode so much as an overcondensed episode arc and probably would’ve benefited with a little more time to breathe within a season, with a couple more subplots incorporated to keep the pace snappy and the jokes flying.


Don’t Legalize It might not reach the heights of vintage Trailer Park Boys, but is still well worth it to check out for fans of Ricky, Julian, Bubbles, and the Gang.


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