Ted 2 (2015) Movie Review: Thunder Buddies For Life!

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By: Jake Turner (Two Beers) –

Comedy sequels, aren’t they an “interesting” bunch? When we get good sequels like Wayne’s World 2, Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, and Addams Family Values, we also deal with ones meant for the $5 bin at Walmart like Airplane II: The Sequel, Major League II, Caddyshack II, and (*shudders*) the Hangover sequels. Why though? Because Hollywood believes we need more of these iconic characters but with cast changes, flat scripts, and paycheck-induced “performances”. Ted 2, however, is a tasteless and hilarious lesson of how to eclipse the original.


The horror… the horror.

A Toast

After the comedic misfire that was A Million Ways to Die in the West, writer/director/star Seth MacFarlane is back voicing the pot-smoking but lovable teddy bear Ted, who is always primed with a zippy one-liner or a show tune. No, Family Guy fans, I am not going crazy. Ted 2 is better than the original and one of the funniest films of the year, even if the script is a bit scattershot. Mark Wahlberg is back, once again as his “Thunder Buddy for Life”, John Bennett. This time, Ted is fighting for his right to be acknowledged as a person, instead of as “property” to others. As he suits up (looking like something you would give your kid when your grandmother died), it becomes a hilarious, random, and even a bit heartfelt battle to the finish.


Just grab your Thunder Buddy…

MacFarlane and Wahlberg never miss a beat as “Thunder Buddies”; their terrific chemistry moves this thing along even with more random moments than Mardi Gras on Bourbon Street. You can’t help but laugh, no matter what the joke is, because of how MacFarlane frames it, it’s not like stand-up comedy kind of delivery like “You get it?”, but more of giving the audience their own interpretation of it.

The women are the real highlight, though, as Jessica Barth returns as Tami-Lynn, who is more dead-on in her comic timing and brings likability to her one-note character, along with newcomer Amanda Seyfried, who is light-years better than Mila Kunis was in the original. Did I really just say that out loud? As you know in my past reviews, I was not the biggest fan of Seyfried, but in this she does it all, bringing comic timing, singing, dancing (80’s montage to The Breakfast Club), and likability. So, I’m here to apologize as well because Seyfried is a dynamic talent. Plus, there are some truly hilarious cameos peppered throughout the movie and I’ll just say you will never look at a box of Trix, the same again.


*ahems* Almost lost my train of thought. Sorry, Mila. You’re gone!

Beer Two (have your favorite beer though)

MacFarlane is a terrific talent that is also unfiltered and not afraid to pull any punches. As his three film deal with Universal comes to a close, he unleashes any low-balling joke possible, and while it does work, people who are easily offended will be put off by it and sent walking to the exits as I observed at my screening. Even though I was laughing, it doesn’t mean everyone will find it that funny, especially when he kind of crosses the line with one particular scene, but I’m easily forgiving. I’m sorry, folks, but that’s the kneejerk society we live in. Another subject that MacFarlane writes in briefly involves the latest from the Supreme Court. Plus, even though Giovanni Ribisi was effectively and comedically creepy as Donny, it felt like another unnecessary subplot just to punctuate the storyline.


MacFarlane doesn’t care, but here’s your small violin of fake sympathy.


Ted 2 manages to outdo its predecessor with Wahlberg and MacFarlane shooting out one-liners like a Pez dispenser, balls to the wall humor, a random but well-intentioned plot, and proof its comedic heart is still thumping. If you liked the original, you’ll love the sequel. When you hear the sound of thunder… sorry, sometimes I just can’t help myself.


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