Star Wars (1977)

starwarsBy: Katherine Balestrini (A Toast) –

Once upon a time….a legend was born, not a life time ago but close. This story would rock the known universe and people would stop merely dreaming about ‘A galaxy far, far away’ and instead go there in a way they never thought possible.

Star Wars-1

Star Wars was and still is an amazing movie. It has tried to have its formula copied but none have come close. It also did something so rare that directors the universe over are trying to replicate, two successful sequels.

Star Wars-2

A Toast

When Star Wars came out critics said:

“Star Wars” is a magnificent film. George Lucas set out to make the biggest possible adventure fantasy out of his memories of serials and older action epics, and he succeeded brilliantly. Lucas and producer Gary Kurtz assembled an enormous technical crew, drawn from the entire Hollywood production pool of talent, and the results equal the genius of Walt Disney, Willis O’Brien and other justifiably famous practitioners of what Irwin Allen calls “movie magic.”

A.D. Murphy

Star Wars-3

“Star Wars,” which opened yesterday at the Astor Plaza, Orpheum and other theaters, is the most elaborate, most expensive, most beautiful movie serial ever made. It’s both an apotheosis of “Flash Gordon” serials and a witty critique that makes associations with a variety of literature that is nothing if not eclectic: “Quo Vadis?”, “Buck Rogers,” “Ivanhoe,” “Superman,” “The Wizard of Oz,” “The Gospel According to St. Matthew,” the legend of King Arthur and the knights of the Round Table.

Vincent Canby

Star Wars-4

I could not and cannot say it better. It’s a film I grew up with, a film that luckily my mother loved and for a time I thought we were going to build a space ship so she could go off and marry Han Solo!

Star Wars-5



If you haven’t seen this movie, why not?? Why are you sitting there!!! You should go grab the DVD and watch it until you decide who is your favourite character and then dress like them tomorrow at work.

Star Wars-6

George Lucas was truly a master of movie magic when he made this movie and I for one thank him.


Drinking Game

Take a drink: Every time someone says…May the force be with you

Take a drink: when Leia tells Han to move Chewie out of her way

Take a drink: when Han runs off screen and then straight back on again

Take a shot: every time you see the outside of the Millennium Falcon, the BEST space ship in ALL galaxies!

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