Spotlight (2015) Movie Review: Give Thanks for Good Reporting

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Take a Drink: every time the Spotlight finds out they received stuff for this story years ago but didn’t act on it.

Do a Shot: whenever a victim goes into detail about the case.

Drink a Bottle of Samuel Adams: for the town of Boston

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By: Movie Snurb (A Toast) –

The film begins with the editor of The Boston Globe retiring and Marty Baron (Liev Schreiber) is hired as the new editor. Marty sits down with the leader of Spotlight, Walter “Robby” Robinson, to talk about what Spotlight does. At this point you’re starting to think Marty is looking to cut Spotlight because The Globe has been losing writers and been having to make cuts. However, after a few Marty approaches Robby with a story about how priests from the Catholic Church in Boston have been molesting children and the Church has been covering it up. Robby brings the story idea to the Spotlight team (Mike Rezendes, played by Mark Ruffalo, Sacha Pfeiffer played by Rachel McAdams, and Matt Carroll played by Brian d’Arcy James). What they end up uncovering is upsetting and unfathomable. The story builds meticulously one scene after another until the big payoff in the end.


A Toast

Spotlight really shines with its acting. Mark Ruffalo gives another fantastic performance as a highly driven investigative journalist; Ruffalo has really been knocking them out of the park lately and is one of the best actors today. Michael Keaton also gives an awards season-worthy performance as the leader of the Spotlight team. Rachel McAdams also gives a great performance which is a complete 180 from her Regina George character. Stanley Tucci was amazing as always (I don’t think Tucci capable of giving a bad performance.) Lastly, Liev Schreiber possibly gives the best performance of his career. His turn as Marty Baron was very calm and collected, but he takes charge in every scene he’s in. Which is saying something considering the actors and actresses Schreiber shares the screen with.

The writing is outstanding. The best aspect in my opinion is Tom McCarthy and Josh Singer don’t have any agenda in this film except telling the story. There was no vilifying of the Catholic Church and they didn’t try to make heroes out of the Boston Globe. I felt like they tried to be completely unbiased while writing this film. I also liked that there was no manipulation whether it be in the music or writing. It could have been very easy for this film turn into a Lifetime or ABC Family movie and be a manipulative mess, but instead it became a polished and well-wrought film.


This was a very important story that needed to be told. The Church had covered this, what I would honestly call an epidemic, up for a very long time. If this had been an isolated incident or a one-time incident this story wouldn’t be as important and this film would have such an impact. I hope Churches, organizations, and businesses will learn from this story and know that when something like this happens it affects a lot of people, and it’s important to know that some bad press is not as important as a person’s life and emotional being.

I miss the day when news was actually news. The other day a coworker came into my cubicle and told me whomever Jenner and Tyga broke up and it’s breaking news. That’s not breaking news!  Also, why did we cover Tom Brady and “Deflategate” endlessly, and not Boko Haram and the path of destruction they were leaving in their wake? This film reminded us that journalists used to investigate and break real stories. I hope the news goes back to doing real stories that impact the community and not what shoes Beyonce is wearing today.



This is a very important film that deals with a heartbreaking issue that needs to be told. Everything from the writing to the acting is amazing. I feel like this film could be a real contender for Best Picture.


Last Call

Try not to vomit when the credits roll and they show all of the cities where incidents like this has happened.

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