Spider-Man 2 (2004)

Spider-Man 2 (2004)
Spider-Man 2 (2004) DVD / Blu-ray

By: Katherine Balestrini (Two Beers) –

The sequel to Spiderman, same characters, same actors, plot twisted around. Spiderman starts off with spider abilities then loses those abilities!! Like most comic book heroes the plot is thin, but the characters are nice and meaty.

Dr. Octopus is our villain this time and he is evil with all 8 arms! Then there is the Hobgoblin, who like any son decides that his father wasn’t insane and dons his gadgets, but not his clothes, to take on Spiderman.


One day we will rule the galaxy together, with matching cloaks and lightsabers.

A Toast

This is an enjoyable enough movie and if all those critics out there are looking for something ‘more’ from a Spiderman movie, they should remember one important thing….ITS ABOUT A SPIDER WHO BITES A MAN!


Wrong in so many ways! So why can’t I look away?

Beer Two

The actors in this film are a selection I wouldn’t have put together; Tobey Maguire took this most unlikely of roles and made an excellent job of it, regardless of its sequel status! Kirsten Dunst is a performer who always does well, but possibly not as a red head. Aunt May, sure I could look up who plays Aunt May, I just don’t care enough. This woman belongs in the TV movie and that is all; she made me debate euthanasia, not the actress, Aunt May! James Franco, one of the world’s actors we could do without, in my opinion.



A good all round movie; nicely paced, a good sequel and most entertaining. Although mostly for teenage boys, this movie holds a special place in the Spiderman world. Tobey can in fact can do anything a spider can and get the girl. Let’s not forget Spiderman lead the way to many, many more comic book movies, most of which we have loved.


All eventually coming to a cinema near you!

Drinking Game

Take a Drink: every time Aunt May screams­­­­

Take a Drink: whenever Spiderman uses his web

Do a Shot: when you recognise a character from the comic, not just the obvious ones

Do a Shot: when someone says an unforgiveable one-liner

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  1. Personally, its my favorite superhero movie ever. It mixes comedy elements the drama really well, and is just a blast of fun. Good review!

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