Sinister 2 (2015) Movie Review: Cue the Creepy Kids And Awful CGI

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Take a Drink: every time you see Bughuul.

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By: Frankie B. (Five Beers) –

When I heard that Sinister was getting a sequel, I was pretty pumped. The original featured a solid cast, creepy story, brutal kill sequences, and a memorable villain. Then I found out that the original director, Scott Derrickson, would not be helming the sequel. Add on top of that the fact the movie would be starring Shannyn “Movie Killer” Sossamon, and I went from being pumped to dreading to see this.


Sinister 2 picks up right where the original left off with Deputy So&So (Ransone) attempting to stop Bughuul from claiming any more families. Meanwhile, Courtney Collins (Sossamon), and her two children, Dylan and Zach, have moved into a country farm. Little do they know that Bughuul has tapped their family for his next slaughter. Now So-So is in a race against time to save the family while discovering a way to stop Bughuul.

A Toast

The only person in this entire movie with any common sense is the priest that is on-screen for maybe 45 seconds at the beginning of the movie. He literally tells So&So to leave Bughuul alone, or he will probably get fucked up. Should have listened, So&So- you fucked up.

ONe thing I've learned from watching a shit ton of horror movies........ You always listen to the priest.
ONE thing I’ve learned from watching a shit ton of horror movies…….. You always listen to the priest.

Beer Two

The child actors in the movie are actually pretty good in this one. The most important thing is that they didn’t hold down the movie or ruin any moments. The one kid who calls Shannyn Sossamon a c*[email protected] in the movie probably deserves more roles just for how he sold that one moment in the movie.

Also, you never watch any tapes you find buried in the basement of your new house.
Also, you never watch any tapes you find buried in the basement of your new house.

Beer Three

I understanding feeling the need to go big with the kill sequences after the first one, but almost none of the ones here worked. In the original, you had no idea what was going to happen because everything happened so violently fast. Here, you get a whole set up for each one, and it just made all of them fall flat. Flashier is not always better; sometimes you just have to keep it simple.

Why try and fix something that isn't broken?
Why try and fix something that isn’t broken?

Beer Four

I am a James Ransone fan, loved him in The Wire, Generation Kill, and Low Winter Sun. He’s great in supporting roles, but he just couldn’t hold the screen as the lead of this movie. Just didn’t work for me.

Get this man a supporting role, ASAP.
Get this man a supporting role, ASAP.

Beer Five

Does anyone know the name of the iPhone app that lets you add special effects to your videos? Because I think that’s what the production team of this movie used for all of their CG effects. Each one was worse than the next. The most egregious example had to be the house fire at the end of the movie. The flames looked like something out of third-rate YouTube video, just embarrassing. I guess they blew their entire CG budget having Bughuul on-screen in every other scene.

I also have to mention that Shannyn Sossamon is just as terrible here as she has been in 95% of the movies that she has every been in. Ruined another one here, lady.

I still blame Shannyn Sossamon for ruining The End.
I still blame Shannyn Sossamon for ruining The End.


If you were a fan of the original, there is still no real reason to see this. If you’re looking for something scary in the theaters, just wait until the new Paranormal Activity or The Visit.

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