Shaun the Sheep (2015) Movie Review: It’s No Chicken Run

Drinking Game

Take a Drink: every time there is a baaa… that’s it really, ewe won’t need another part of the game; you will be smashed out of your face by the time Timmy loses his dummy.


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By: Katherine Balestrini (Four Beers) –

Shaun is fed up with his day to day humdrum life, so he decides to take the day off and of course hijinks and hilarity ensue.


Sheep jokes….how many do you know??

A Toast

For the entire length of this film there is no talking, just a sheep-load of baas. It is of course done by the amazing people at Aardman and is in keeping with the Shaun the Sheep television series, which is a British as crumpets.


I say old chap, that looks rather delicious

Beer Two

The ridiculousness of this is sadly worn thin after about 30 minutes and after that you do spend most of the time deciphering baas from babaas. Which by and by is more frustrating than going to the toilet and finding out there is no more paper.

Beer Three

It wasn’t baarilliant, even the kids hardly enjoyed it that much.  Sure, there was the odd chuckle, but even Timmy couldn’t save this pile of horse manure.


Beer Four

When it gets to the bit with the farmer and his new occupation I thought that my sanity was truly gone.


Love Shaun The Sheep, he is fluffy, cute, and tastes great with mint sauce.  Should we watch over an hour of him? Not again, but if you’re a mutton for punishment, who am I to stop ewe?


That’s how I like my lamb 🙂

There is a part of the film that does have more heart in it than should be allowed in an sheep film. A little ginger kid, his puppy, and his lamb is up there with the beginning of Up. So, sure, it’s worth seeing, but keep to the small screen. You’re no chicken, Shaun, sorry. But there are lots of sheep thrills to keep young kids going.


Getting ready for lamb stew


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