Seeds of Time (2015) Movie Review: Yet Another Reason The World is Ending

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By: Henry J. Fromage (Three Beers) –

It should be no surprise to anyone that the Earth is doomed at our current rates of, well, everything.  Everybody knows it, regardless of whether we’re willing to admit it.


Who knew hiding your head in the sand could be a profession?

Seeds of Time demonstrates one more way in which we’re all screwed, and gives us a glimmer of actionable hope.  The diversity of crop seeds has declined catastrophically as mass farming has proliferated, putting most of the world’s food supply at risk of crop failure if a particular disease or climate condition targets the dominant variety.  Monsanto has us covered, though, right!  Right?

A Toast

This documentary works on two levels- both a fascinating and frightening explanation of a serious threat to our collective future, one that just grows more critical as the Earth’s population growth rate continues to explode and climates become more severe, and a profile of Cary Fowler, one man devoted to safeguarding us against it.


The young Letterman look is icing on the cake

Fowler’s solution is a world seed bank located in as secure a location as possible- Svalbard, Norway, close to the Arctic Circle and boasting temperatures conducive to preserving seeds for thousands of years.  Some of these seeds are already functionally extinct, but may prove our salvation if we must essentially start over for a particular crop.


Plan B

Fowler himself is a fascinating character, driven by his job to the detriment of his personal life, continually on the move from Russia to highland Peru (!) to Norway and beyond, and motivated by his own brush with extinction.  Director Sandy McLeod and DP Henrik Edelbo Sorensen shoot these locations beautifully, and Kris Bowers’s Phillip Glass-indebted score is the perfect backdrop.

Beer Two

As interesting as this documentary’s component parts are, they’re assembled rather haphazardly.  There’s no narrative throughline, reducing the film’s effectiveness as both a call to action and a character profile.

Beer Three

CGI’s used strangely.  Why not use real uniquely shaped seeds instead of computer modeled ones?  And why add in a CGI flock of birds?  Did Acme Stock Footage Co. burn down?


It’s a frequent issue.


Seeds of Time shows us one more threat humanity needs to get its ass moving on.  Stupid ‘Future Generations”.


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