Roadie (1980)

Drinking Game

Take a Drink: for every music industry icon who appears

Take a Drink: for every pop song on the soundtrack

Take a Drink: anytime someone says “Everything works, if you let it”

Take a Drink: when you realize that Art Carney is just hanging out…

Drink a Shot: when you find out the Groupie Lola’s age, and another shot when that revelation doesn’t stop Meat Loaf from trying to bed her

Drink a Shot: each time Meat Loaf gets hit in the head and gets “brain-locked

Community Review


Movie Review

By: Oberst Von Berauscht & Bill Leon (A Toast) –

-Bill L: Meat Loaf plays a good old boy beer delivery truck driver from Texas, with a knack for configuring audio equipment (for some reason).

He comes across a broken-down RV where a Road Manager and a groupie want to take him and his talents to work for the biggest acts this movie could book. For some reason, the first one is Hank Williams, Jr.
Are you ready for some failure?
Are you ready for some failure?

-Oberst: For some reason Meat Loaf knows more about audio equipment than even the most experienced Roadies, and he soon finds himself in demand by the biggest concert promoter in the business, who wastes no time in flying the naïve young redneck across-country.

-Bill L: For some reason….

A Toast

-Bill L: If Roadie had aged like fine wine, it would probably be very dry and to a modern day viewer take itself way too seriously. This movie instead is intentionally campy and the addition of time has made it a lot more enjoyable than I ever imagined it could be.

-Oberst: Much like other comedies of the time, such as Smokey and the Bandit and Cannonball Run; Roadie takes a decidedly cartoonish approach to its subject matter that manages a kind of innocent feel unheard of in modern comedy, even while covering adult topics.  It certainly places the film in the “Cult” category by today’s standards, but to the right audience can be a joy to experience.  For his part, Meat Loaf is wonderfully ludicrous as the down-home country savant.

Is this the face of the American Roadie?
Is this the face of the American Roadie?

Beer Two

-Bill L: The cameo appearances by Hank Williams, Jr., Roy Orbison, Deborah Harry and the rest of Blondie, and Alice Cooper are all a treat no matter how phoned in each one feels.

-Oberst: It is fascinating how diverse the musician cameos are in this film, and yet for as much time as these icons get on screen, none of them seem to have anything particularly interesting to do.  Even Alice Cooper, whose supposed sexual prowess makes for the main driving-force of the film’s narrative, is clearly just in it for the quick paycheck.

Feed my… Alcohol Dependence

Beer Three

-Bill L: Everyone gets a song- although that’s hardly the film’s strength. I’ll preface this by saying I love Blondie but… Who wanted to hear them cover “Ring of Fire”? Really?

-Oberst: The same people who brought in Roy Orbison just to mutter a few bars of “The Eyes of Texas”

Beer Four

-Bill L: Meat Loaf plays Travis W. Redfish; his father, Corpus C. Redfish, is played by Art Carney. Corpus is still in Texas with the rest of the clan, and we keep cutting back to them. Who asked for updates on the Bluefish family, anyway? Art Carney is a smooth motherfucker but I’ll be damned if he didn’t just come down to the set to hang out.

 -Oberst: “Hang Out” is the operating term, because his character rarely does anything other than watch TV and mutter incoherently.  In fact, the entire house is decked out in enough gadgets to make Peewee Herman jealous.

Art Carney: Oscar Winner
Art Carney: Oscar Winner

Beer Five

-Bill L: The character of Lola Bouillabaisse is annoying. And her revealed age of sixteen years old is creepy. The actress obviously isn’t sixteen, so why write that in? Star-crazed sixteen year old groupies who believe “groupies fuel rock and roll”… that’s gross.

-Oberst: It is more or less understood that rock stars attract young girls in real life, but that is the kind of disturbing material more reserved for the darker side of a VH1 “Behind the Music” special, rather than a lighthearted comedy.

Beer Six

-Oberst: And as if the film hasn’t already been silly enough, it ends with an implied Alien abduction.  Leaving me to wonder when the long-awaited sequel “Roadie 2: the Chronicles of Redfish” will be released?

-Bill L: There is limitless potential for this sequel. It could be a synth-rock space epic featuring the likes of Kiss, A Flock of Seagulls, Jefferson Starship, and (of course) Hank Williams, Jr.

He's a Handyman, IN SPACE
He’s a Handyman, IN SPACE
Or really, they could just make a Space Quest with Roger Wilco movie…


-Oberst: It is quite baffling to me how this ever got made, but also how strangely satisfying it is to watch.

-Bill L: Between the soundtracks, the cameos and Meat Loaf’s constant stupid looks, this movie was undeniably fun for me. Make a fucking sequel, you cowards!

Six Pack

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