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Take a Drink: anytime Claire seems distressed or anxious.

Pound a Shot: when the same cheating sex scene pops up over and over.

Sip a Fine Wine: each time you notice the score.

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By: Christopher Young (Five Beers) –

Indie flicks with very small budgets are all the rage now. The problem lies in the fact that many are quite cookie cutter and not worth the viewing time. Rebound was on a budget so small that some referred to it as a micro-budgeted film with big budget feel. Comments like that can really pique interest or skepticism depending on who they’re from.

Rebound tells the story of Claire (Ashley James) who walked in on her boyfriend making sweet sweet love to another women (Gasp!). This act is far from forgivable and the only thing Claire can think to do is break up with Eric and travel cross-country to move back home.

Along the way Claire hits a few rough spots like: car breaks down, loses cell phone, vagrants need toilet paper, and Rufinol demonstrating how it can really make bad decisions worse. So Claire must now survive in some piss ass little town while her car is fixed.

A Toast

Rebound‘s strongest asset for me was the score. It had that radical 80’s feel without excessive use like a lot of current indie flicks. I found myself beebopping more than a time or two when things got a little wild.

There were some ideas that worked well for me during the torture scene near the end also- inventive ways to cause pain.

Can you close the door please?
Can you close the door please?

Beer Two

The movie opening credits roll during the cheat scene where we see a scowling female in her bra bouncing up and down on Claire’s soon to be ex-boyfriend. The font used on screen for the title and such really looked cheap. I couldn’t tell if they were trying to be humorous, artsy, or straight up B movie. Couple this opening with the wooden acting that followed and it almost required a fast forward move.

Beer Three

There is an elephant in the room that I need to call out and that just happens to be the acting or lack thereof. Claire as the lead does get better as the movie progresses, but never hits on all cylinders and really convinces me that she’s real. The other guilty party would have to be Eddie (Mark Scheibmeir). Early on I couldn’t tell if he was intentionally seeming out of it or just couldn’t pull off the part. He, much like Claire, gets better but never really pulls off the psychopath role he was cast in. If I had to hand out a best actress or actor award here it would go to the crazy lady in the john screaming for toilet paper.

I am not Amy Schumer!!!
I am not Amy Schumer!!!

Beer Four

I honestly believe this movie wanted to be suspenseful, but ultimately it failed to execute. It does very little to build anything remotely like suspense before Claire is sh*t outta luck. Looking back at the film all I see are a series of bad luck events happening to some girl with no real punch to make me feel bad for her.

Beer Five

Was the intention to have this film look so bland and boring? It’s like Middle America washed out more than normal. There are movies that made this work, but they also carried a way higher creep factor. There really weren’t any interesting camera shots as everything kinda seemed like every middle of the road thriller before it.



Rebound had some really cool elements, like the score which I thought was near perfect for what they were trying to achieve. However, there are way too many issues to make this a movie worth recommending as the genre is chock full of better options when it comes to kidnap/torture flicks. Hostel comes to mind right away.


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