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Is anyone else bummed about the title of this movie? I could have sworn that originally it was called “Ralph Wrecks the Internet.” Even when I was preparing for this review I was still writing “wrecks.” It’s also an interesting jump to go from a movie about video games to a Disney version of the Emoji Movie for the sequel. I assume. I don’t know. I haven’t seen the Emoji Movie and I want to keep it that way.

But “breaks the internet” makes it
more hip with the kids, amiright?

It has been six years since the events of Wreck-It Ralph (as characters repeatedly state throughout the movie), and things have become dull for Vanellope in her game. Ralph likes the way things are and tries to help spice things up in Vanellope’s game. This backfires, though, as the game breaks and gets unplugged. Ralph and Vanellope go to the internet to try and get the piece they need to fix the game. Once there, hijinks ensue and the two grow more and more apart.

Spoilers ahead. Skip to the verdict if you wish to avoid them.

A Toast

I was laughing for a lot of this movie. There is plenty of good humor, great voice actors, and spirit to this movie. I was skeptical about Ralph Breaks the Internet after the second trailer very much made it look like an extended ad for Disney. But when I was watching the movie and it got to those scenes, I was more okay with it. The scene with Vanellope and the Disney Princesses is nothing but fan service, but that doesn’t take away from it being fun.

I appreciate how Disney is the only animated studio that can pull of an animated film about the internet. While others would have to use stand-in websites that sound close to what they’re going for, Ralph Breaks the Internet has the actual websites. eBay is a central part of the plot if you can believe that. I didn’t even know Ohmy.Disney was a real site until this movie (go ahead and laugh at me). In hindsight this is going to date the movie a lot in five years when half the websites featured aren’t as relevant anymore. But for the present it really works.

Though the movie presents eBay
as a better place than it actually is.

Beer Two

I didn’t like how the ticking clock set up amounts to nothing. The game piece is obtained halfway through the movie and it moves aside for the conflict between Ralph and Vanellope. Their conflict is really good and central to the movie; I just wish they hadn’t spent so much time emphasizing how important getting the money for the piece was for much of the runtime. It ends up making the movie feel like two different movies merged into one, like neither plot line was strong enough to carry the whole movie.

Not to mention that Felix’s plot line
isn’t even given the dignity of screen time.

I also thought there would be something in the epilogue about how Ralph’s game, Fix-It Felix Jr., had become popular again. Ralph more or less takes over all that is happening on the internet for a whole day. Yet there aren’t people in the movie asking if it was a viral campaign. There aren’t even more kids playing the game in the arcade the next day.


Despite its flaws, Ralph Breaks the Internet is a lot of fun. It has a clear message for its audience that it gets across well. I recommend this movie to pretty much everyone. You can’t really go in with expectations for this because the movie keeps jumping to places you don’t expect. Check out Ralph Breaks the Internet now.

Kudos Alan Menken, for still
writing classic Disney songs.

Ralph Breaks the Internet (2018) Drinking Game

Take a Drink: for every viral video Ralph makes.

Take a Drink: each time a Disney property or character appears for the first time (drink up).

Take a Drink: for each real company that paid large amounts of money to be advertised in this movie.

Take a Drink: for every time there is car racing.

Do a Shot: if you catch the GeoCities reference.

Pour out your Drink: for the first ever posthumous Stan Lee cameo.

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