Quantum of Solace (2008) Movie Review: Better Than You Remember…

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By: Oberst Von Berauscht (Three Beers) –

Just after the events of Casino Royale, James Bond discovers the existence of a criminal organization that has arms stretched all over the world. Agents of this organization have infiltrated the highest levels of government, and even British Intelligence itself.  After the organization, which call itself “Quantum”, sets Bond up to look like he’s gone rogue, he is forced to use his contacts to discover the secrets of Quantum without the help of his employers.

He became Governor of Alaska... and a Woman.
He became Governor of Alaska… and a Woman.

A Toast

Quantum is really not a new story, but rather a continuance of the story set in place by Casino Royale. It ties up most of the loose ends of the past film. Daniel Craig is as charismatic as ever as Bond, but also scarred by the betrayal of Vesper in the past film.  He is prone to rage, so much so that his intense drive leads him to kill people who might otherwise have talked.

If you’ve got a license to kill, you gotta take advantage right?

Bond starts making more and more decisions without checking with his superiors. If the Daniel Craig Bond films are meant to serve as a reboot, or prequel to the series, then Quantum quite aptly sets in motion character motivations and events which create Bond as the colder, less emotional person he was in earlier entries in the series.

Beer Two

Director Marc Forster said that he wanted the film to move along at a faster pace than Casino Royale did, which partially explains why this is the shortest film in the Bond franchise.  While sometimes it can be good to leave the audience space to fill in the blanks, there isn’t very much substance in the story itself. Sometimes the film uses imagery from previous Bond films in not-so veiled attempts to make political statements.


The principal villain, Dominic Greene, has motives which are only vaguely explored, and the Bond Girl Camille follows Bond around without a lot of explanation.  There is a lot of backstory that the film hints at only vaguely.

Beer Three

Director Marc Forster seems to really have fallen in love with the Bourne series, because the action scenes are shot in Paul Greengrass-Vision, with shaky camera shots and extreme close-ups.


The result is that the brilliant stunt-work, fight choreography, and numerous practical effects are impossible to see without getting motion sickness.  The opening car chase would stand as one of the best in the Bond franchise if you could tell what was happening.


Quantum of Solace received mixed reviews upon its initial release. On second consideration, and when watched in quick succession with Casino Royale, it proves to be a far more rewarding continuation of the story.


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