The Purge: Anarchy (2014)

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Take a Drink: for every bad ass take down Leo (Grillo) performs

Take a Drink: every time someone purges

Do a Shot: every time one of the followers does something stupid

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By: livingdeadguy (Two Beers) –

First things first:

  1. The annual Purge is basically 12 hours where there are no emergency services and people can kill without lawful repercussion.
  2. The first movie was basically a home invasion movie.

There, now you don’t necessarily have to watch the first not so good entry into The Purge.  The Purge: Anarchy is a standalone movie about the Purge itself.  It expands from a security system salesman’s house to a whole city.  It tracks Frank Grillo (making a damn decent attempt at showing his credentials for The Punisher… even though he’s Crossbones) as a man out to purge for personal reasons.  He is joined by a mother and daughter who were dragged from their dwelling by purgers and a couple who are traveling…the day of the purge.  Because without stupid, there wouldn’t be a movie.


Does the fact that all three of these movies actually have a sequel render my point invalid? 

A Toast

I think that if any movie in a series of at least two can stand on its own (whether the others are good or bad), it speaks volumes.  The Purge movies being about peoples’ actions during the Purge makes actual characters not matter as much.  Of course you care and are following them through their Purge experience, but the movies are, and will hopefully continue to largely be, about the Purge.

Beer Two

I would have liked to see some of the purgers go at it.  In total, we are shown five groups including the main characters.  We never once see a purge war, but instead our leads basically going from group to group.  Would it have taken the focus off of the main characters?  Yes.  But the Purge is nationwide, and we all know these groups aren’t just chasing the main characters.



These guys needed to fight and didn’t…and I’m disappointed.


I was very surprised by The Purge: Anarchy.  It was very solid and told its own Purge story.  The ending was a little predictable. This movie definitely sets up the possibility of a third that I am sincerely hoping delivers a new age Revolutionary War. Without divulging too much, the concept of the poor rising up against the rich elitists is introduced during this film.  You also get a good feel for the corruption behind the New Founding Fathers and their Purge ideals.  I was still amused by the alarm signaling the end of the Purge being immediately followed by that of emergency vehicle sirens. I’ll look forward to the same signals and sounds emphasizing the end of both the treacherous night and a pretty decent movie.


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