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By: Movie Snurb (Four Beers) –

Eric (Sam Rockwell) and Amy (Rosemarie DeWitt) are forced to buy a new/cheaper house because Eric has been out of work for awhile (we don’t know how long), and he refuses to let Amy go to work, probably because he has some macho thing with having to be the sole provider for the family.

Well, it turns out the family bought this house that was built on a graveyard and told people that they had moved the graves to another site. However, we come to find out that they only told people that they had moved the graves but only bothered to move the headstones. As a result, these spirits felt an injustice and needed a vessel to send them into the light so they weren’t stuck in this sort of purgatory.

So they take the new family’s daughter Madison because she was the purest in the family, basically the youngest, but she understood what was happening. The family is forced to find help from a very clichéd group from the local college to investigate the paranormal findings, but when the spirits prove too much they call Carrigan Burke who specializes in cleaning houses of evil spirits. With everyone’s help they attempt to get Madison back and clean the house of all the evil spirits.


A Toast

The acting was pretty good all around from the cast. It seems that no matter how bad of a film Sam Rockwell is in he still gives 110%. Even if his performance can’t save the film, he’ll be a bright spot in his films.

I must admit the clown dolls in this film were pretty creepy. They were only in two scenes but they were used to good effect.  It’s just unfortunate they couldn’t have given the rest of the film the creepy vibe that the clowns brought. Along with that, they did have one good jump scare involving the son’s comic books. However, this film didn’t have anything else to toast.


Beer Two

First, I was very disappointed in the CGI in this film. You’d think a remake of a film that had pretty impressive special effects for the 1980’s would want to try a little harder and improve on the original. Isn’t that the point of a remake? Oh wait, that should be the point, but most people only care about money and not about making a decent film.

Beer Three

When a horror film has to rely on jump scares to try to “enhance” a film it usually doesn’t work, and in the case for this film it doesn’t. Every time a scare was coming you could just tell. The point of a jump scare is to let the audience think they’re safe and then you scare them. Well, this film didn’t seem to want to hide the fact that scares were coming. Aside from the one successful scare and those creepy clowns everything else just fell flat. This film could’ve been better relying on being creepy instead of getting lazy and resorting to jump scares.

Also, one thing that annoys me, and it usually happens with horror films and hum drum action films, is using 3D effects that aren’t necessary, because when you watch them in regular 2D you can see where they put in scenes deliberately for 3D. It’s an amazing effect and done right can be fantastic with such films like Life of Pi and Gravity, however, unfortunately, most films try to use it to enhance their crappy film. This film did not use 3D to the effect of Gravity, but rather for a really pointless effect.

Beer Four

The final climax just felt underwhelming. I won’t give anything away, but in a film with angry spirits the final battle/climax would be the grand part of the film. With this film, however, I felt like there was never a real climax. It was almost like their goal was to make the film only 90 minutes and when they realized they were running out of time they decided to just rush everything and end the film. Along with that the ending didn’t make any sense to me. (Spoilers!) The family goes to look for a new house and when they start to look at it they just run off in the middle of the realtor telling them about the house. What, is the family just afraid of everything now? (Spoilers Over!)



Overall, I’d say don’t spend your money to go see this film. If you have to go see something I’d try Tomorrowland. I’d say wait until it comes on Netfilx and grab four beers to help you enjoy this film, or just watch the original.



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