Pitch Perfect 2 (2015) Movie Review: As Good as the Original? Aca-nope.

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By: Frankie B. (Three Beers) –

I am a huge fan of the original Pitch Perfect, you can check out my review of it here. I knew that I was going to be seeing the sequel from the moment it was originally announced. I ignored the fact that the original really didn’t need a sequel or set up one, and instead trusted that the combo of Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow, and Rebel Wilson could recreate the magic of the original. Did I think it would be terrible? No. Did I think it would live up to the original? Absolutely not.

There's a few tweaks to the Bellas' lineup for this installment.
There’s a few tweaks to the Bellas’ lineup for this installment.

Pitch Perfect 2 once again follows the Barden Bellas as they traverse the world of competitive a cappella competitions. A mishap involving Fat Amy’s (Rebel Wilson) lady parts, during a performance in front of President Obama, leads to the Bellas being suspended from competition. Beca (Anna Kendrick) has to balance her dream internship and leading the Bellas at the same time. Chloe (Brittany Snow) is trying to keep the group together while facing her impending graduation. The Bellas must learn how to once again come together and outperform their competition at the World Championships. (This legitimately sounds like a generic sports movie at this point.)

A Toast

Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow, and Rebel Wilson all on-screen at the same time, sounds like a win to me. They are all great in the movie just like in the original. Was it disappointing that we didn’t get another Kendrick/Snow shower scene? Yes, but you can’t expect to duplicate that magic two times in a row. Hailee Steinfeld brings the heat as the heir apparent to this budding franchise. Lady has some serious singing chops.


Can we all agree that Adam DeVine is pretty much the best part of this movie? Dude is next level funny in every scene that he is in. I’d be totally down to see a Bumper/Fat Amy spin-off, or just a Bumper spin-off. Either way I would be good. His scene during the credits was the highlight of the film for me. DeVine is a comedy monster and he needs more roles, like right now.

Please make this into a movie.
Please make this into a movie.

I also have to mention Keegan-Michael Key, he does have some of the funniest scenes in this movie as Beca’s superstar music producer boss. His constant verbal barrage of one of his employees is one of the best bits running throughout the course of the movie.

Beer Two

This movie gets next-level bonkers at points and starts to not make a ton of sense. The David Cross mansion battle was fucking bananas, with a solid amount of the Green Bay Packers showing up for a slam-dunk rendition of Bootylicious. I know I wasn’t ready for Clay Matthews’ jelly. Katey Sagal came through with a legit cameo as Hailee Steinfeld’s mother, quickly erasing my accumulated hatred of her leftover from Sons of Anarchy.

Forever etched in my mind.
Forever etched in my mind.

Was there a ton of racist and sexist jokes in the first movie? If there was, I certainly don’t remember them. You will notice each and every one in this movie, and most of them are killer jokes hitting at just the right time. John Michael Higgins’ delivery is spot on, and his chemistry with Elizabeth Banks is as solid as it was in the original.

Beer Three

As in the first movie there is no true villain in this movie. The German group DSM (Das Sound Machine) is the main antagonist, but they never really do anything to the Bellas, they kind of just exist. They have some decent lines but they definitely do not stack up with the villains from the original, the Treblemakers, in terms of charisma. I was really waiting for a Judas to emerge from the Bellas, throwing a curveball in the plot. Maybe next time.

Never Forget
Never Forget


This is one of the funnier movies to come out this year, but completely fell short of the lofty expectations placed on it after the success of the first movie. If you enjoyed the first movie, you will certainly enjoy the sequel.


Last Call: Adam DeVine, baby.

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