PCU (1994)


By: Mother Clicker (Two Beers) –

Pre-frosh, Tom Lawrence (Chris Young), face freshly scrubbed, has come to PCU (Port Chester University) to see college life. What he finds is a place trying so hard to be PC (Politically Correct) that there is constant chaos.


There is an island in this sea of crazy, The Pit.  The Pit was at one point Psi Kappa Mu fraternity before fraternities were banned. The Pit is the Island of Misfit Toys for the slackers, stoners, and anyone else who doesn’t fit in.

Droz (Jeremy Piven) is the unelected leader of this group of misfits and giver of such great advice such as:


Classes: Nothing before 11
Beer: It’s your best friend, you drink a lot of it.
Women: You’re a Freshman so it’s pretty much out of the question.
No Car: Find someone on your hall the first day who does and make friends.

Things aren’t perfect at The Pit. Besides pissing off every group on campus they also have Rand McPherson (former roommate of Droz’s and played by David Spade… so good at smarmy) and the President biting at the chance to expel them.


The way he finds to get rid of them is a $7568 damage bill for the semester.  If not paid by Monday, The Pit will be repossessed.

What do you do to raise over $7000? You have a party! Not just any “frat party”, but an all campus party. How do you get all these groups together? “Everyone Gets Laid”


A Toast

It shows how ridiculous life will be if we all become too “PC”.  There are daily protests from various “rights” groups all fighting for space and to be the “most oppressed” and/or biggest victim.  My personal favorite part is when they are trying to get into the party, and each group is complaining about why their oppression should gain them a first-in-line status.

The list of causes and groups is endless! A couple main ones are:

The “Womynists”: who believe everything you say is sexist.


And then there are the cause-heads. Led by “Moonbeam”, they find a different issue each week to support. In this case it’s meat, but the week before was the Ozone layer.


Beer Two

College is not this crazy, and I am glad I didn’t watch this the year I was a high school senior. I would have been severely disappointed by my college experience. If my parents had watched I would have surely gone to the “Nunnery” (as my Dad calls it)!



I give this one two beers. It is a fun college movie which reminds me of a modern day Animal House.  It is predictable: coming together with some unlikely events (insert George Clinton and the Parliament Funkadelic) that save the day. The good guys win, the guy gets the girl, etc. I still would watch it over and over. If for nothing else, the scene of everyone being locked in a room with “Afternoon Delight” being played on repeat!


Drinking Game

Take a Drink: for each protest

Take a Drink: for each cause group you see

Take a drink: for each group McPherson insults at the end

Remember as Droz says, “Beer is your best friend, you drink a lot of it.”

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