Paulette (2012)

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Paulette tells the classic tale of a kindly old woman just trying to find friendship and fulfillment in her golden years.  So, she books a hotel in India and sets sail with several of her closest (emotionally, to death) friends aboard the Golden Pond cruise ship, captained by a wise, Southern aphorism-spouting Morgan Freeman.  Old People.


I may or may not tune out when I watch these kind of flicks…

Oh, wait, no, this is about an incredibly racist, hateful old bag who starts a hash-dealing empire.  Let’s call it Breaking… Hips?

A Toast

Bernadette Lafont as Paulette is the anchor of the film, and such a foul-mouthed, cantankerous old bat that you wish she coulda hooked up with Clint Eastwood from Gran Torino before he developed a hankering for crucifixion by bullet.  Her haughty air and impeccable delivery sell its dark and highly irreverent humor perfectly, without ever turning off the audience.  It’s a hilarious, credible, and even heart-tugging performance.

The film itself is well-shot, and sneaks in some jabs at institutions ranging from the Catholic Church to French social security.  It also allows us a look at the side of Paris most films shy away from- the seedy, dirty underbelly every city has.


Just a tad seedier…

Beer Two

The movie runs out of steam a tad when the novelty of a drug-dealing Grandma wears off and the plot gets rolling.  By the time Paulette and her cronies (ha… cronies) storm a drug house packing heat, maaaybe you could say the film jumps the shark by a few inches.

Beer Three

While the humor is excellent at its darkest, that doesn’t mean we don’t get also get a dose of the typical yuks you’d expect from this scenario.  Yes, old people get high, and the horny old man subplot is more than a little stale.

candy dish

Grandma’s candy dish-level stale



Paulette is a great little comedy about a foul-mouthed, drug-dealing Grandma.  Oh, and considering the recent and continuing cannabis debate about cannabis seeds and their legalization in most Western countries, Paulette is a timely tale.  What more do you need?  Go watch it now.


Drinking Game

Take a Drink: for every racial slur or grossly inappropriate comment from Paulette

Take a Drink: honestly… that should get you where you’re going, if not…

Take a Drink: anytime you see drugs

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