Nowitzki: The Perfect Shot (2015) Movie Review: A Pretty Good Shot, Anyway

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By: Movie Snurb (Three Beers) –

Dirk Nowitzki is a NBA Basketball player from Germany and he will go down as one of the greatest players to ever play the game. This documentary covers his journey through his early life and on to the NBA. It also delves into his relationship with his trainer Holger Geschwindner, which is like that of a master and apprentice. Geschwindner shows his methods of training and the physics and mathematics he implements to determine the perfect shot for any player. At times it almost felt like a documentary within a documentary.

A Toast


To Dirk and his trainer Holger Geschwindner

With all of the bad publicity there is today in professional sports it seems like there aren’t any athletes with good character in the world. Really about 95% of all athletes in sports are good or at least decent people, but it’s that 5% that the media talks about. There is no interest in good people that doesn’t get ratings and traffic. Well, I’ve always been a big fan of Dirk Nowitzki for many reasons: He’s humble, he’s a really nice person, he’s a team player and a leader, and he’s a good example for kids. So it was nice to see a documentary about an athlete that is a good person and sets a good example. It’s so easy to make a documentary about the evil that plagues this world, but it was refreshing to watch a documentary about a generally nice person who is also an incredible athlete.

It was also fascinating to see Geschwindners’ training method. I never knew how Nowitzki got so good at shooting. It’s very rare in basketball to have a big man that can shoot, but Nowtizki can pretty much play any position, which is what makes him great. Well, in the documentary you get to see Geschwindner’s computer program which he uses to calculate any player’s perfect shot for them. His program takes into account: height, weight, if they’re outside or inside, and even shoe size. It was pretty genius to learn all of this and then understand why Nowitzki has one of the highest free throw percentages in the NBA.


Beer Two

As much as I like Dirk Nowitzki, he’s not a player like Michael Jordan, Lebron James, or Kobe Bryant. He’s not going to draw the attention and crowds who would want to go see this documentary. On that same note, if someone who doesn’t know anything about Nowitzki or really care about him watches this they probably will end up being quite bored with it.


Beer Three

It is a very minor thing, but about 70% of the documentary is in German with English subtitles. So, again, if a casual fan of the NBA or someone who just thought this documentary looked interesting but didn’t know most of the documentary was in German might end up turning off the doc, I think. I must admit watching it late at night was almost a mistake ’cause my eyes kept getting heavier, but I needed to pay attention so I knew what was going on. Don’t worry, the documentary wasn’t boring, I just choose the wrong time to watch it.


Dirk’s wife, sister, and mother


I’ve been a big fan of Dirk’s for a long time and I was very excited when I heard this doc was coming out. I thoroughly enjoyed the documentary and it was fascinating to learn all about his training and his personal life. Since he’s a very private person this was a very good look into his life and upbringing. However, unless you’re a big fan of Nowitzki, or the NBA, or documentaries I would recommend passing on this doc. It really is for the true fans of Dirk and the Mavericks.


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