A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child (1989) Movie Review: Well, It’s Not as Bad as the Last One

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By: Henry J. Fromage (Four Beers) –

I’ve decided to label the Nightmare on Elm Street films for ease of differentiation.  So far, we’ve seen The Original, The Gay One, The Good One, The Worst One, and now… The Sexy One?


I think this is supposed to be sexy…

Freddy was dead, but, you’ll never guess- now he’s not!  The way he resurrects this time is full-on rebirth… creepy animatronic rebirth.  Alice (Lisa Wilcox) is dragged back into this because it’s actually her unborn baby’s dreams that Freddy is taking advantage of- turns out he’s in the market for a mini-me.

A Toast

This is getting to be old hat, but Robert Englund is a treasure.  As these films shift more comedic, he hams it up with more and more gusto without ever overdoing it.  Director Stephen Hopkins brings some music video style to the proceedings, full of gothic lighting and Gilliamesque closeups.  Dream Child boasts the most confident camerawork in the series since the first film (if not the most), which is evident in its best setpieces, especially poor Mark’s comic book fantasy and the M.C. Escher-inspired finale.

Beer Two

Speaking of Mark’s silly self, I can’t figure out what actor Joe Seely is going for.  Half-baked Christian Slater?  Bill and Ted’s unholy lovechild?


Beer Three

Mark’s just the worst example of painfully wanna-be hip dialogue.  This isn’t how teens, or anyone, talks.  Think Juno as written by Chris Columbus.  Also painful are many of the effects, which couldn’t be more 80s if the entire film took place in an 80s lightning storm.


80s lightning!

Beer Four

I appreciate the attempt at a message about teen pregnancy, I just can’t tell what it’s supposed to be.  Also, somehow, this film plunges the Freddy origin story to even lower, dumber depths.


Oh, the miracle of childbirth…


The Dream Child isn’t exactly great, but it’s a visually impressive huge step up on the shitfest that was The Dream Master.


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