Two Night Stand (2014)

Drinking Game

Do a Shot: when Megan runs into her old boyfriend and his girlfriend while not being allowed into the club because she can’t find her ID, right in front of him.

Do a Double: whenever the same weatherperson, who is apparently pulling in double overtime, appears to give us a brief blizzard report which is sort of prelude of things to come in the next scene.

Do a Triple: when Megan causes Alec’s toilet to overflow after she just used it.

Do a Shot and a Beer: for the least sexy sex scene ever!

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Movie Review

By: Rob Perez (Two Beers) –

Imagine the third worst possible thing that could happen to you after a one-night stand (after knocking a girl up or getting an STD).  Actually having to spend time with that person and … eek, getting to know them. That’s the premise of this cute, sort of romantic indie comedy in which our protagonists Megan and Alec (not Alex) have no choice but to sit around in a cramped Brooklyn apartment and talk to one another. Wasn’t texting invented just so we wouldn’t have to talk to people ever again?

"Hey, hook ups aren't suppose to be funny . . . unless you're laughing at me."
“Hey, hook ups aren’t suppose to be funny . . . unless you’re laughing at me.”

A Toast

Two Night Stand is really more like one never-ending one nighter, which feels right in the beginning for our two young stars, then has both slowly regretting posting online profiles on a dating site. Megan (Analeigh Tipton), is a recent college graduate, pre-med major who basically lives off of her snooty friend Faiza (Jessica Szohr). It’s almost the end of the month and the end of the year and Faiza kindly points out to Megan her boyfriend is waiting in the wings to move in with her. After a disastrous night out in New York City, Megan meets Mr. Right Now and off she heads to Brooklyn to hook up with Alec (Miles Teller), a sort of smart “alec” who is about to regret not watching the night’s weather report. After a massive blizzard, both he and Megan are stuck in his apartment and now must entertain each other, as much as they both really can’t stand each other.

"I swear officer, I didn't know the walk of shame was a crime against humanity."
“I swear officer, I didn’t know the walk of shame was a crime against humanity.”

For the bulk of this 86 minute film it’s just Megan and Alec trading barbs, teasing one another, and then finding out the other person is actually OK to be around with, in small doses. Films that take place in very confined settings have the extra added responsibility of keeping a rhythm and a pace, with interesting dialogue that will grab the audience’s attention. Two Night Stand, with its message of society’s over-reliance on social media and the lost art of conversation, has with this unknown cast accomplished what has usually only been accomplished by the acting and directing greats. And it helps that plenty of the one-liners are very contemporary, and the connection between Tipton and Teller is quite strong.

Beer Two

Well, you know what’s gotta happen after the inevitable conversation about each other’s performance from the night before… they gotta go back and correct their errors. So, yeah, there is the obligatory sex scene with very mild nudity but just safe enough for work but you should probably not watch at work just to be on the safe side. It’s kind of shot in your usual soft, almost romantic kind of way, not down and dirty as would most likely be the case in real life. The ending is a bit choppy but at least it has a proper ending unlike other indie films where you see the credits roll before you can even say to yourself, “When is this movie over?”

"I am so sorry for that 'little' thing that disappointed you earlier."
“I am so sorry for that ‘little’ thing that disappointed you earlier.”


I’m a softee when it comes to these kinds of independent films. Two Night Stand really is a gem of film, underneath all the major big studio releases we’ll be seeing during this time of year, that does draw you into these character’s lives. By the end of the film there are things about them that will annoy you but you can’t help but like them. And despite taking place mostly inside a Brooklyn apartment it does have a very New York feel to it. These aren’t your usual pretentious hipster doofuses. Alec and Megan are like anyone else, acting like anyone else would during a very frustrating time after a wrench is thrown into the usual gameplan of one person leaving after a hook-up. Two Night Stand is definitely worth watching again.


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