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William Shakespeare’s plays are generally divided into three categories, which are: histories, tragedies, and comedies.  Some of his greatest plays are definitely tragic, especially Romeo and Juliet and Hamlet.  Nevertheless, Shakespeare comedies can definitely be compelling, and the play Much Ado About Nothing is still a classic even though it is not necessarily as famous as other plays by the Bard.

A Toast!

A unique feature about Much Ado About Nothing is that it is largely written in prose instead of the blank verse that characterizes much of Shakespeare’s best work.  Another fun fact is that the titular word “nothing” was actually pronounced as “noting” in Elizabethan England.  The plot itself (without any major spoilers) is more or less a romantic comedy.

Beer Two

Even though this is a very lighthearted play, there is actually quite a bit of poor language within its dialogue.  Shakespeare is unafraid of using crude terms in his writing, and this play could offend people who do not enjoy hearing such terminology.


The title Much Ado About Nothing essentially means, “overreacting over nothing,” so calm down and enjoy the show!


Much Ado About Nothing (1984) TV Movie Movie Review

Take a Drink: every time masks are used (which could be a reference to the idea of “illusion versus reality”)

Drink a Shot: every time the characters uses the phrase “O God!”

Do Not Be Sober: for all of the secrets and lies

And Cheers: for the ending (but it will not be disclosed in this spoiler-free review)

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