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By: Oberst Von Berauscht (Three Beers) –

93 year old Sherlock Holmes has been retired for 30 years.  The elderly detective is focused on his past, trying to recall why he chose to leave his profession so long ago.  He enlists the help of Roger, the young boy of his housekeeper, to help him recall his past memories and get them down on paper.  Dr. Watson’s books about him always stretched the truth in the name of entertainment, and nearing the end of his life, Holmes would like the final mystery, the one which caused him to leave the business, to be revealed once and for all, with no facts changed.

And no innocent left to be protected…

A Toast

Sir Ian McKellen delivers a fantastic take on the eminent detective.  Holmes is now well into his 90s and increasingly frail, but remains as proud as ever.  Ian’s Sherlock is facing a fate worse than death for a man reputable for his intelligence; the loss of memory.  McKellen depicts the struggles of Holmes to hold onto every last thread, and seems truly disturbed by the fact that he will soon be unable to use his powers of deduction.  This adds a degree of urgency to the memoir that he is writing, as the pained loss of every memory haunts him in his old age.

Elementary my dear…. um are you Watson?

Beer Two

The last mystery of Sherlock Holmes revolves around a fairly standard investigation in which a husband is looking into the activities of his wife.  This storyline has an interesting arc to it, but it is revealed in a circular way that slows the pacing down.

Beer Three

The endgame of the  beekeeping subplot was far from a mystery, an easily-called element which anyone familiar with coming-of age stories will surely figure out.  The result does nothing to further the storyline, other than to provide some forced dramatics for the third act.

Spoiler alert: You've seen "My Girl", right?
Spoiler alert: You’ve seen My Girl, right?


Mr. Holmes is an entertaining, if slight drama, bolstered by Ian McKellen’s solid performance.


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