Mom’s Night Out (2014)


By: Almond Black (A Toast) –

Stay at home mom Allyson is on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Her husband is constantly traveling on business, leaving her the one responsible for all household tasks, including caring for their multiple children, who are content with wreaking havoc at every turn. After a particularly disastrous Mother’s Day; Allyson, along with her best friend Izzy and their Pastor’s wife Sondra plan a night out on the town, leaving the husbands at home to take care of the children. As the night begins, Murphy’s Law is invoked, and anything which can go wrong does.

A Toast

Finally! A movie I can take my children and my 90 year-old grandmother to without risk of encountering godless Philistines! The last time I went to the movie theater was to see God is not Dead, which was a really great movie, but seemed a bit too edgy for Gramama, and I didn’t like the idea of bringing my kids to a movie featuring prominent atheist characters.

Grandma Black cried for weeks after this movie, I can't have that happen again.
Grandma Black cried for weeks after this movie, I can’t let that happen again…

There is this wonderful scene in the film where Allyson’s husband Sean comes home to find she’s locked herself in the closet, crying. The emotions run high in this scene and hammer home the difficult job of being a mother.  Sean comforts her, and tells her he knows how hard her job has been.  The next time we see Sean, Allyson says she’s planning a night out, and he chastises her for wanting to do this.  It was a great creative decision for director/writer team the Erwin Brothers to add this, because otherwise women watching the film would get the wrong idea about their place in the family unit.

Times have changed, stay at home women are empowered!
Times have changed, stay at home women are empowered!

Sean ultimately shows that he is a loving husband by allowing Allyson one night out with her friends.  And by the end of the film, after a particularly disastrous night, Allyson understands that she is already doing a great job as a Mom, and shouldn’t stress too much over things.  It is a great message for mothers, because no matter how hard they think their lives might be, it is nothing that can’t be resolved by not feeling depressed all the time.

Calling in sick from other jobs would get you fired, you’ve got it easy!

Mom’s Night Out is perfect for the family because it is never audacious, and manages to tell the story without doing anything surprising or impulsive. I’m glad that there are still filmmakers out there who don’t care about such artsy-fartsy things like creativity and innovation.


This movie is unlike any other movie ever made. It is just so refreshing to find something truly bleeding originality.  There is nothing in this movie whatsoever which feels derivative of other movies, or that makes it feel like it is taking things from other comedies, cleaning the humor up for a family audience, and releasing it as a cynical cash-in.


Drinking Game

Take a Drink: anytime someone mentions blogging (or name-checks social media websites)

Take a Drink: for any close-up where you can see Patricia Heaton’s emotionless, possibly Botox-crippled face

Drink a Shot: each time the husbands do something totally illogical for reasons which are never explained (Example: why did they steal the wives’ car?)

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