Mohawk (2018) Movie Review

By: Henry J. Fromage (Three Beers) –

There aren’t terribly many War of 1812-set violent revenge thrillers told from an actually appropriately cast polyamorous Native American’s point of view set to synth music and full of vivid nightmare hallucinations, but Ted Geoghegan went and filled that void.

Yes, please.

Mohawk tells the simple and direct story of a Mohawk warrior and her Mohawk and British lovers as they’re overtaken by a brutal band of American soldiers somewhere on the outskirts of the War of 1812.  What ensues is a harrowing, bloody scramble for survival, then vengeance.

A Toast

While somebody needs to up and give Geoghegan a 7 figure budget already (are you listening, Jason Blum?), you can’t say he doesn’t stretch every dollar, nor compromise his vision due to a lack of them.  Mohawk is often shot quite well, especially in its terrific and terrifying dream sequences/hallucinations that pepper the film until manifesting in an extremely gory climax.  This film sure doesn’t skimp on the gore, delivered via always more effective practical means.

The setting in general is also well-rendered.  The costumes, weapons, intriguing period-appropriate accessories, and even simple woods and wooden stockade locations are all well-chosen.  The real attraction, though, is the propulsive action, particularly that climactic showdown that pays off on the progressive setup quite delectably.

This ain’t going to end well for you, buddy.


Beer Two

Mohawk demonstrates perhaps too wide a range of acting ability, to the point it almost feels like a buddy or two got cast in speaking roles.  The occasional bad line reading of the usually very florid period patois takes you out of what’s an otherwise quite intense experience.

Beer Three

The message is also a bit uneven- main villain Ezra Buzzington feels like he’s acting in a bit different film, trying to add dimension to a fairly one-note baddie who the film treats as such despite a few off-hand speeches that give word-service to the horrors of war being visited on all sides.  Embrace the carnage.

Doc Brown’s time travel adventures have been getting a lot darker lately…


Mohawk is indeed punk rock- a vision of colonial revenge with a wicked edge that could have used just a touch more polish… or maybe that’d just be less punk.

Mohawk (2018) Drinking Game

Take a Drink: for every extremely gory wound

Take a Drink: for every antique turn of phrase

Take a Drink: for every skirmish

Do a Shot: for each badass dream sequence

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