Maximum Overdrive (1986)

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Take a Drink: any time a car/truck kills someone

Take a Drink: any time Yeardley Smith screams

Drink a Shot: when appliances attack

Drink a Shot: for each AC/DC song

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By: Oberst Von Berauscht (Six Pack) –

The Earth is passing through the tail of a comet, the radiation of which mysteriously brings machines to life, and they’re PISSED.

Curious how this happened though…

In rural North Carolina, the patrons of the Dixie Boy Truck Stop find themselves besieged by their own semi-trucks.  As the trucks commence killing humans one by one, a group of the men led by trucker Bill (Emilio Estevez) fight for survival.

A Toast

This film was the directorial debut (and to date the only directorial effort) of horror novelist Stephen King.  King had gone on record in the past criticizing cinematic adaptations of his books, so the announcement that King would be adapting one of his own stories was interesting news in 1986. Buoying the film’s appeal was an entire soundtrack by hard rock band AC/DC.  King also has gone on record to say that during the time he made Maximum Overdrive he was coked out of his head.

Does it show?

The film was a box office bomb, and lambasted by critics for its ridiculous premise, amateurish direction, weak acting and weaker dialogue.  Be assured, this film has all of that; but it also has all of the following:

Beer Two

Evil ATMs

Beer Three

Guns that DO kill people

Guns that do kill people…

Beer Four

Killer goddamn soda machines!

Beer Five



Beer Six



Oh man, sorry… this review really got away from me… but if what you’ve just seen interests you; see the movie.

Six Pack

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