Love and Air Sex (2014)


By: Rob Perez (Four Beers) –

Air sex, what the hell is that? If you know what air guitar is then air sex is exactly the same idea. Except instead of pretending to play guitar you’re pretending to have sex with yourself. Wait, isn’t that called masturbation? Yes, but air sex is simulating sex, or as it’s mentioned in Love and Air Sex, “Fuck the air!” They actually have competitions and world championships for this. And that’s what we have featured (though to be honest, take the air sex out and you still have your usual indie romcom) in Love and Air Sex. To be totally honest, Love and Air Sex could’ve used more air sex and less love.

This is so much better than watching porn.
This is so much better than watching porn.

A Toast

Stan (Michael Stahl-David) is a screenwriter living in Los Angeles who’s career hasn’t taken off and his ex girlfriend Cathy (Ashley Bell) is a med student living in New York. Stan does what all exes (including me) have done—spied on his ex’s Facebook page to see what they’re up to. Hoping to rekindle the romance he flies down to Austin when he learns she’ll be there for the weekend. Stan in his stalker-ish kind of way happens to meet up with Ashley sort of, and crashes with his douche bag friends. (I’ll explain below) Turns out that’s the very same weekend the air sex championships in Austin are being held and guess what group of DBs have in store for their visiting friend? The air sex segments are really funny as we watch an assorted group of Austiners do their best sexual mimicking. And although the title of the film is Love and Air Sex, in the entire 90 minutes of this snoozer (should give you a hint where I’m going with this), we’re only treated to about 10-15 minutes of very funny air sex footage and the rest of the time . . . not so funny footage.

No, no, no, no! Air sex is supposed to be simulated. Simulated!
No, no, no, no! Air sex is supposed to be simulated. Simulated!

Beer Two

Did I mention snoozer earlier? Yeah, as much promise the film had and I give director Bryan Poyser credit for being the first person to ever feature air sex in a movie, the whole rest of the film was unoriginal and dull. Keep a six pack handy because the story is so uninteresting which is unfortunate since all the characters, from the DBs to the rest of the supporting cast are actually quite likable.

Sex is so much better when it's by yourself.  Fuck the air!
Sex is so much better when it’s by yourself. Fuck the air!

Beer Three

Since Stan’s original intent in going to Austin was to rekindle his relationship, or more accurately stalk his ex, the two main characters actually spend very little screen time together. Ashley spends the bulk of the film with a really nice ex-Marine turned vet (a vet vet) whom she falls heads over heels for, while Stan tries to hook up with a pretty cool rocker chick. The whole time I was thinking, “Why am I watching two separate stories that don’t appear to connect with one another?” The only thing they have in common is that the main characters dated each other. That’s the only thing that ties these two people at all.

You're not going to believe this, but I'm good at air sexing.  I can give you many air orgasms...
You’re not going to believe this, but I’m good at air sexing. I can give you many air orgasms…

Beer Four

And getting back to the air sex, while you may be led to believe that it’s central to the story, it really isn’t. Just a fun escape from all the relationship/hooking up drama the guys are experiencing this fateful weekend. My guess is the filmmaker wanted this to be a sort of life-changing weekend for all involved but really what the filmmaker should’ve done was incorporate more of the air sex footage, tie it into more of the plot, and write a much more solid script where Ashley and Stan actually spend more than just 10 minutes of screen time together.

So when you're done, do you mind teaching my girlfriend how to do that trick?
So when you’re done, do you mind teaching my girlfriend how to do that trick?



I learned lot about air sex and it’s something you might be seeing this reviewer do in the future. I definitely give the film lots of kudos for introducing this strange new world to the indie masses (’cause only indie film goers will most likely check this out). But the film as a whole just doesn’t do it for me as an indie romcom.


Drinking Game

Take a Drink: when Stan realizes he’s out of tissues and cleans himself off with the bed sheets after doing you know what.

Take a Drink: when the guys practice their air sex routine for the first time in front of Stan without telling him what they’re practicing.

Do a Double Shot: when you see Austin’s finest do their best to “Fuck the air!”

Do a Triple Shot: to keep yourself up if you’re still interested to see how the film ends.

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