Late Phases (2014) Movie Review: Blind Guys are Always the Best Hunters, Right?

Drinking Game

Take a Drink: whenever someone is attacked by a werewolf.

Take a Drink: every time someone doubts Ambrose.

Do a Shot: for old school horror icons.

Take a Drink: for every day Ambrose’s dog is not buried .

Do a Shot: for murders in an iron lung.

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Movie Review

By: Frankie B. (Two Beers) –

Late Phases is one of those movies that you see while looking through Netflix. While most people would overlook this, I decided to take a chance and see what this movie was all about. What I got was a pleasant surprise, and a fresh take on the standard werewolf movie. This is great considering how 8 out of 10 horror movies on Netflix are complete catastrophes.

We all know that this is what would really happen in this movie.
We all know that this is what would really happen in real life.

Late Phases follows a blind Vietnam vet, Ambrose (Nick Damici), as he moves into a senior citizen community. Too bad for Ambrose the community is plagued by “animal” attacks that quickly strike Ambrose’s next door neighbor. What is a blind vet to do to battle these animal attacks? Arm the fuck up, and go to work kicking some werewolf ass.

Ambrose could have really used an arsenal like this.
Ambrose could have really used an arsenal like this.

A Toast

Werewolf movies are generally hit or miss. Sometimes you get pieces of poop such as Wes Craven’s Cursed and other times you get An American Werewolf in London. There are not a ton of good ones in between. This is one of the ones that leans more towards the higher quality werewolf movie. You get an interesting hero in Ambrose, a dog to root for, and cast of weird geriatric characters. How can you not root for a grumpy, blind Vietnam vet who uses a shovel as a walking cane? The dude is 1000 types of fucked up but I still loved him. The werewolf effects are pretty great and thankfully almost no CG was used in this production. The werewolf transformation scene is one of the best ones I have seen in a long time.

Looks like you've got something on your face.
Looks like you’ve got something on your face.

Beer Two

Most of the characters in this movie are dumb as rocks. They think nothing of the fact that a bunch of people in the community are just getting absolutely ravaged in various “animal” attacks. I completely understand that this is just how they were written to allow Ambrose to be the hero of the story, but it ends up making everyone in the movie seem completely incompetent. This takes a bit away from the movie, but it doesn’t ruin it thankfully. Ambrose also happens to leave his dead dog rotting in the open air for several days, using it as bait for the werewolf, which is super crafty but also seriously fucked up on so many levels. Anything involving a dead dog is an automatic knock on any movie.

"Animal attacks" are super common, right?
“Animal attacks” are super common, right?


This is one of the better movies that you can check out on Netflix this Halloween season. Watch this instead of watching the third season of Orange is the New Black for the fourth time.


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