Kung Fury (2015) Movie Review: Short But Pretty Sweet

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Take a Drink: every time Kung Fury makes a pun.

Take a Drink: every time you see a boombox.

Do a Shot: whenever a T-Rex speaks.

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By: Mitch Hansch (Two Beers) –

I was hit by lightning and bitten by a cobra.

That’s how Kung Fury, a 1980’s Miami cop, becomes a kung fu master and a major headache to his chief.  Cause how else do you become a kung fu master?


A Toast

The 31-minute short is nothing less than a masterpiece.  Wildly insane with rapid-fire silliness galore, Kung Fury hits every B cop movie trope and nails it to absurd perfection.  The beauty is that everything is played with deadly seriousness.  When Kung Fury has to travel back in time to stop Hitler, a fellow kung fu enthusiast who’s known as The Kung Fuhrer, he is helped by the Norse God Asgard, his newly assigned cop partner who is a walking-talking Triceratops, and a bunch of colorful other characters, and it’s all done with total sincerity to move the story forward.  Swedish native David Sandberg, who wrote, directed, produced, and stars as Kung Fury, shows a real love for all things 80’s that can’t be faked, and is contagious for anyone who has similar affections for this over the top film period.

I know this sentence looks weird, but I loved Lonely Island co-creator Jorma Taccone’s Hitler.  Hitler has never been funnier (again, I understand how that sounds).

Beer Two

The only reason Kung Fury is getting  Two Beers instead of just A Toast is because it’s a short film and I wanted it to never end.



Instant cult status in my book.  Kung Fury is, as Taccone’s Hitler says, “Super cool”!


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