Krampus (2015) Movie Review: Were You Naughty or Nice?

Drinking Game

Take a Drink: whenever Max is made fun of.

Take a Drink: every time the evil gingerbread men appear.

Do a Shot: every time someone is abducted.

Take a Drink: for Black Friday violence.

Do a Shot: because if you don’t, Krampus will snatch you up in the middle of the night.

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Movie Review

By: Frankie B. (Two Beers) –

If Santa Claus is the happy-go-lucky figure for the holiday season, Krampus is surely the exact opposite of that. He is the punisher of naughty children and is the shadow of Old Saint Nick. When I heard that the director of Trick ‘r Treat was making a film about Krampus, I was 100% sold on it. Didn’t give a shit who was in it, I just knew when it was coming out and wanted to see it.

Krampus might want to get a PR person, because he looks 100% like a pedophile.
Krampus might want to get a PR person, because he looks 100% like a pedophile.

Krampus tells the story of the story of a suburban family, Tom (Adam Scott), Sarah (Toni Collette), their children Max (Emjay Anthony) and Beth (Stefania LaVie Owen), and Tom’s mother, Omi (Krista Stadler), who are just trying to make it through the holidays in one piece. Sarah’s sister’s family comes in to celebrate the holidays, so everyone is just a little on edge. Max still believes in Santa, but tension during the holiday season causes him denounce Santa and rip up his wish list letter. From that point on the family experience a Winter Wonderland of Hell.

How about that sequel?
How about that sequel?

A Toast

Michael Dougherty is quickly becoming one of the best horror directors in Hollywood. With Trick ‘r Treat, and now Krampus, the guy is pretty much perfect at this point. I am looking forward to him tackling Thanksgiving, New Years, and hopefully Flag Day. His combination of humor, black comedy, and twists makes his movies surprisingly unique. I currently have my fingers crossed for a follow-up to Trick ‘r Treat. Let’s Go.

Coming Soon?
Coming Soon?

Adam Scott, Toni Collette, David Koechner, and Allison Tolman all excel in their roles as the heads of the two families. Scott and Koechner team up a few times and definitely account for some of the funnier and more tense moments in this one. Their chemistry is pretty on point. I was pretty pumped for this because David Koechner usually annoys the shit out of me, but he was pretty hilarious and stole every scene he was in. Also, Allison Tolman has a pretty badass scene, which definitely made me a new fan of hers. The kids in the movie were solid as well with Emjay Anthony leading the way. He got his big break in 2014 with Chef, and now has his holiday movie.

Not terrifying at all.
Not terrifying at all.

The effects in the movie are also top notch, with Krampus’s toy minions being the standouts. The jack-in-the-box is super creepy as it looks like a vampire from Blade II fucked a normal Jack In The Box. Ferocious teddy bears are always creepy, and crazed Christmas angels are never not scary. Krampus generally looks like a cross between the Devil and a goat, and that look was definitely nailed here.

Burt Macklin would have beaten the shit out of Krampus.
Burt Macklin would have beaten the shit out of Krampus.

Beer Two

The story is a bit conventional and nothing really twisted goes on, which is a disappointment considering this came from the same mind as Trick ‘r Treat. There is almost no gore, which is generally a minus in a horror movie for me, but this is a holiday horror movie. Also, there’s a slight twist at the end and then the movie just ends. Would have appreciated something completely fucked up happening… maybe next time.



Krampus is definitely worth your time and is a worthy addition to the Christmas Horror movie line up. Laugh a little, be scared a little, and enjoy this movie a whole lot.


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