Some Kind Of Monster (2005)

Some Kind of Monster (2005) DVD
Some Kind of Monster (2005) DVD

By: Ahmed Almatrook (Two Beers) –

I don’t usually like documentaries because I always have this idea in my head that they’re nothing but a 4 hour long movie riddled with scientific jargon, boring narration, and information that you’d probably never need throughout your life; but that’s just me. However, as a die hard fan of Metallica for the past 10 years now, there’s no question to the fact that I had to watch Some Kind of Monster.

With the future of Metallica in serious doubt because of the sudden departure of bassist Jason Newstead, Some Kind of Monster gives us an inside look of the recording of the Grammy Award-winning album St.Anger (or the “solo-less trash can album” as I like to call it) whilst trying to deal with personal conflicts, declining reputation (because of the Napster issue), and the hunt for a new bassist.

A Toast  

What I really liked and respected about SKOM was the fact that it did not hide anything, it put it all out there. And I realized that early in the movie, so throughout the movie I was thinking “Which secret are they gonna reveal” or “Oh shit, they’re gonna argue again”. That anticipation and constant suspense made time pass quite quickly and I never thought “Fuck, that was a long flick.”  Directors Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky shot over 500 hours worth of footage and slimmed it down to a little bit under 2 and a half hours, but oh my, they didn’t miss out on anything

Let me tell you, the movie does not lack intensity, goddamn intensity was all I felt throughout the whole damn movie. Out of the many awesome and fucked up things that SKOM shows us, nothing in my opinion outmached how it revealed each band member’s renewed understanding of each other, and it does so in great detail, especially with Lars and James, whom we see arguing throughout the movie with Kirk acting as the peacemaker.  Now time for a confession, I never really liked St.Anger, but that changed after watching SKOM. The reason being was that now I understand why they decided to make such an album, and I was really absorbed each time the band members would gather around and write the lyrics of a particular song because it gives me an explanation behind the inspiration of the lyrics and the meaning behind them.


So not only did SKOM provide an in-depth view of Metallica’s most troubled periods in great detail, but it also made me love and appreciate Metallica more, and that’s why I love the movie so much. Oh and I forgot to mention, the soundtrack was pure eargasimicness (Yes, that’s a word because I say it is!), it’s an awesome balance between songs from St.Anger and some old shit from the first four albums.

Beer Two

I never wanted to give it a second beer, but I just had to, and here’s the reason. I wish  everyone in this world was a Metallica fan,although that’s just not possible, but I can dream can’t I? Anyways, not everyone can watch this movie; it’s not targeted to all audiences, but people who have known and listened to Metallica for quite a while. The reason being is that many people will probably not understand the story of SKOM, they’ll just think of it as a movie showing the recording of an album by some band, that’s all. They don’t know the monster that is Metallica, they don’t know the backstory, what happened then and what’s happening now.



Some Kind Of Monster is a well-executed and solid flick that definitely worth watching.


Drinking Game

Take a Drink: whenever the guys are writing the lyrics to a song.

Take a Drink: when Lars screams “FUCK” (You’ll know when).

Do a Shot: every time Lars starts bitching.

Do a Shot: every time James and Lars argue.

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