Ju-on: The Grudge (2002)

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I had a year-long obsession with Asian horror (Korean, Japanese, anything). I love subtitled movies in general. I think having to read it while watching the movie gets you more involved. Sadly now I’m usually multitasking when watching movies, and reading along is tough.

J-Horror will be one of the first types of horror I will introduce to my son when he is old enough. Reason? There isn’t sex and nudity (at least not that I have found yet), and I am so00 not wanting to watch the typical slasher film where all the big-breasted topless chicks are running through the woods… Awkward! Also I have found with Asian horror films they are very suspenseful. There is blood, but not a lot if any gore. It is all about the timing, and perhaps it is, because I am not as familiar with their format that I am taken by surprise more often and that’s a nice treat for someone who watches a lot of horror!

Ju-On (Ju-On:The Grudge) was made in 2002 in Japan. It was then remade in the US (like we did with The Ring and Shutter) in 2004 and starred Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV series). If you ever find a US remake of a foreign film go watch the original too. They will be different and I love to compare and contrast. I will be reviewing the American one as well.

From the film: “Ju-on: The curse of one who dies in the grip of powerful rages. It gathers and takes effect in the places that person was alive. Those who encounter it die and a new curse is born.”

Ju-on is a ghost/haunting type of flick. A man kills his wife and child in this home and anyone that lives there or connected to the house or people meet the same fate. This is a curse that keeps growing and spreading out.

A Toast

White makeup and eyeliner..effective

This movie is spooky! From the get-go, and no matter day or night there is always this weight you can feel. It didn’t need a lot of blood, gore, or special effects to accomplish this.

It has the suspense amped up, and you are on edge all the time waiting for something to happen. Closets seem to be a source of terror no matter where you are from. Taped up closet? I say leave it!


This kid howling like a cat is so disturbing, and you do not forget it. Then there is the lady with long black hair.

You see this in a lot of J-Horror
You see this in a lot of J-Horror

Then that croaking sound the ghost makes…

Beer Two

The story jumps all over the place! I had to take notes to put it together. You jump from the original murder five years ago then to the most recent family, the Tokunagas and their nurse, Rika. It then jumps over to the sister of the Tokunaga man, then back to the nurse in the house, then to the nurse’s sister, and then to the police officier from the crime 5 years ago, and then to his daughter. See?? Your head is spinning, which is why you need a beer!

Beer Three

The ending seemed to try to tie things up, but you didn’t really get any answers. Why did it seem the victims of the original crime were involved in killing others? I never got to learn their motivation.

Beer Four

I am exhausted! It is normal to have to pay extra attention when dealing with subtitles, but this one was all over the place. There were so many characters it was really hard to keep track. I have about 6 pages of notes on this… exhausting and that beer is earned.



This movie may have been confusing to follow, but it ranked high on the creepiness. Plenty of moments that would have made me shit myself.

bedtime undersheets table

It is a nice change from blood and gore fests. I still will always recommend you watch the original and the remake of a movie. It can bring more understanding to one having seen where it came from. J-Horror in general is a great genre, and if you are fan of supernatural they are the ones to watch!

Drinking Game

Do a Shot: for the cat.

Do a Shot: to calm the nerves that are all over this movie.

Take a Drink: each time someone/something makes that croaking sound.

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