Indigenous (2015) Movie Review: More Like Stereotypical

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Drink a Beer: anytime you see a stereotype pounded home.

Do a Shot: every time you find yourself asking where the horror or killer is.

Rock a Beer Bong: every time you sigh in the last 10 minutes.

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By: Christopher Young (Five Beers) –

I have always dreamed of traveling the world and seeing its many beautiful sites, but something has always kept me at home. Time to blame a certain set of movies. Indigenous falls into the catagory of, “If you travel, bad sh*t will happen!!” This should have its own subcategory along with flicks like Hostel, The Ruins, and Chernobyl Diaries. All have ruined different vacation spots for me.

Indigenous opens with some serious partying as a group of friends decide to give Panama one last hurrah before the real world hits like a ton of bricks. So, we watch these 20-somethings bro each other off super hard, then someone gets the word of a secret waterfall in the Darian Gap which is almost untouched by civilization. If any of the past similar flicks have taught us anything, there’s a goddamn good reason why no one goes there. It seems the Chupacabra inhabits this area and has quite the thirst for blood.

A Toast

Who doesn’t love a little tropical forest and beach scenery? There is plenty of camera time devoted to making sure we are 100% jealous of where these kids are. From the colors of the forest canopy to the beautiful waterfall you can tell some care went into how things were shot.

The creature had an interesting look; not sure it was the Chupacabra that I had in mind, but it worked in this instance. You could tell it was someone in a rubber suit, but the makeup was done well enough to make it believable.

So romantic...
So romantic…

Beer Two

I had a really hard time getting my head around how this movie wanted to look because it’s shot with a mess of things like smart phones, conventional footage, Go Pro, and weird web cams. If the idea was to utilize every current medium they hit it right on the head; for me it just made this clumsy and disjointed.

Beer Three

This movie could also be titled Stereotypical Hand Grenade of Wannabe Horror as stereotypes seem to be the basis for all 90 minutes. You have the crew of American cool kids clinging desperately to their party lifestyles while reality tears away at them. We have the stereotypical locals who know of the ancient evil but are reluctant to tell. Then there’s the ultra stereotypical dialog and acting; you could literally speak the next line before they hit it on screen. I can handle some stereotypes in movies, they are expected, but man did they lean on it with this one.

Kiss kiss..
kiss kiss

Beer Four

If you bill something Horror I expect to see elements of this earlier than the 50 some minute mark. The movie felt much more like a B thriller than anything I would call Horror. The mere glimpses of our ancient killer were not enough to keep me wanting more.

Beer Five

The ending deserves its own beer as it seemed like a cop out. They utilized social media for the ending and it ultimately fails. I will not give it away for those that choose to seek this one out, but better choices could have been made. Maybe try going with another stereotype for consistency.

Wet and ready!
Wet and ready!


This is an average film that was done in the same manner as many before it. If you want a movie to enjoy and pick away at with friends feel free to grab Indigenous. There are some cool visuals but not much else to justify spending 90 minutes on this one.


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