Hostel 3 (2011)

Hostel 3 (2011)
By: Christopher Young (Four Beers) –
I am a fan of the first movie in the Hostel series. It was a gruesome and violent exercise that left you cringing each time another act was committed. Outside of horror movie fans, most of the people around me refused to watch this movie. Some said it was just too unrealistic with this so called Elite Hunting Club and others just plain do not get into movies like this which use absurd amounts of violence to excite an audience almost similar to a sex act. Hostel was one of the first major movies to bring this genre into the spot light as “torture porn” or “gorno” which is now a recognized sub-genre of horror movies.
Personally I appreciate writers and directors who have a vision for their films and do everything they can to make sure it is not eroded or washed away by the powers that be. Eli Roth is one of those directors, without a doubt. For the first Hostel film he took a $10,000 directing salary just to keep the budget low enough that all of the violence could be included. With each movie in this series we have seen less and less of Mr. Roth behind the camera to the point where he is only listed as producer in the third film. Does this mean less violence, gore and just plain horror? Let’s spend a little time in Hostel 3 and find out.

Ready for that sex change?

So the movie is attempting to mess with you right out of the gate with a scene that has a young American man entering a hotel room only to find a European man and women still occupying it. Don’t let your predictability meters go off the charts here because you may feel a little silly once the scene is complete. No spoilers here folks, so move on.

A Toast

It now seems the Elite Hunting Club has saddled up on good old Las Vegas for some gruesome high stakes torture and killing. We get to follow a group of friends who are attending a bachelor party. This movie did not carry any big names and you can see most of the budget was spent on the kills and torture as the acting only seems to be getting worse with each movie in the series. So off these guys go to have a blast before their friend says “I do” and brings the real terror that most young men fear.

Also, It was cool to see the club has evolved into something a little more interesting than the pay to kill thing it was here. Here we have a nice showing room and people are betting or bidding to get their type of torture on the big screen.

This can’t end well.

Beer Two

I really missed the Slovakia setting of the original and I think this also diminished the fear I felt initially in the series. This fear was a big part of what made the first movie scary for me. What is worse than being somewhere foreign as your friend(s) disappear and you can feel everything around you is not what it should be.

Beer Three

Most of the torture scenes were of poor quality and very short. One of the reasons the original was so good is because of how drawn out the scene would be. You could almost feel each gouge or tear as it happened. Torture goes hand in hand with gore and you can tell Eli Roth was not in charge here because each scene would have been bursting with gore if he had.

What kind of doctor are you?

Beer Four

So why did we lose the dark and gritty edge the last two features embraced so well? I get the fact we are in one of the brightest cities in this country but this movie could have benefited from staying darker versus the elegance and glamor that is all too common throughout the film.


Overall, I was pleased with this film for what it was, an interesting attempt at bringing this idea of a killing club into our country. I had come into this with ultra low expectations because this was direct to DVD and Eli Roth was out of the director/writer seat. If you enjoyed either of the last films you should enjoy this one also. The lack of gore is a huge let down but the twists within the story do make up for some of the short comings.


Bonus Drinking Game

Take a Drink: anytime someone has a cocktail on screen.

Drink a Shot: anytime someone with an accent is speaking.

Take a Drink: anytime you wish nipples were visible.

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