The Hateful Eight (2015) Movie Review: Tarantino Gets a “Clue”

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Take a Drink: every time they talk about shutting the door.

Take a Drink: every time someone gives up a gun.

Take a Drink: every time someone gets shot.

Do a Shot: every time someone talks about their dick or balls.

Do a Shot: every time you hear the “N word”.  (Jesus Christ!  I’m fucking with you!  No one can hold that much alcohol and not need medical attention.)

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By: Hank Bagwell (Two Beers) –

Don’t brace yourself for a wild ride, because this film takes off a bit slow.  I can already hear most critics who are going to bash H8 for this reason, but it still remains entertaining.  Nobody does what Tarantino does.  He is often accused of stealing from other filmmakers but I think that’s crap- how can you make a film that hasn’t been influenced by any other work?  Saying that, the film sure does feel a lot like the movie Clue.  While done in Tarantino fashion, I found myself watching with anticipation and trying to figure out who the bad guy/guys/girl/girls were (See what I did there?  You’re welcome.)


A Toast

The unexpected surprise is Walton Goggins… SON OF A BITCH, that cat delivered one hell of a performance in H8– so much so that I think he deserves a few nods this award season.  He and Samuel L. Jackson work so seamlessly together that everyone else seems disconnected from the film.  While I wouldn’t say that I’d rather have seen anyone else in the other roles (although I’m glad Jennifer Lawrence wasn’t cast as Daisy) or that any of them had a poor performance, they just didn’t steal the show like Goggins and SLJ did.


One of the things I loved most about the film was the dialogue.  It just holds you to the screen.  I was expecting H8 to start off like most of his other films- an opening dialogue about absolutely nothing that is about to happen, and then blood and body parts get blown everywhere and the story is revealed at the 20 minute mark.  The film is over two and a half hours long, but the gun-slinging doesn’t start as early as we have become attarantinoed to so just be patient- it’s worth the wait.


The old west setting of a snow covered Wyoming, the incredible cast, and the always expected amazing camera work makes this easily one of my favorite films of the year.

The writing is superb.  I love the camera movement, the wide shots, the over the top, incredibly cheesy effects when someone gets shot, and the soundtrack.  The chapter and verse-style storytelling is far and away my favorite type of narration.  Finally, I loved its simplicity.  H8 is mostly shot inside a large cabin that functions as a store in the wilderness on the way to Red Rock and the structure itself becomes a character of sorts.  While I say it reminded me of Clue, Tarantino makes it his own and delivers one of his best (and different) films to date.


Beer Two

I’m going to be a little picky here, but bear with me for a moment.  There are a few scenes that I feel were forced- and I’m not talking about blowjobs.



I think the critics are going to sink this film with their negative comments about things that I think make the film so good.  Quentin delivers a well done film that’s worth every penny you spend to go see it.



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