Harbinger Down (2015) Movie Review: It’s kind of like The Thing, but not really.

Drinking Game

Take a Drink: whenever someone tries to talk their way out of getting killed.

Take a Drink: every time someone gets infected.

Do a Shot: for random Russian conspiracies.

Take a Drink: for every jump scare.

Do a Shot: to recognizing that this is not The Thing.

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Movie Review

By: Frankie B. (Three Beers) –

This is a movie that got almost zero press, and the only thing that I knew going into this was that it was financed through a Kickstarter campaign. I should have looked a little bit closer into the history of the company as they have produced the effects for some of my favorite movies such as Tremors, Demolition Man, Starship Troopers, and X-Men: First Class. So they are an A-plus effects studio, but how would they fare with the whole production being solely on their shoulders?

All time great example of CG gone wrong.
All time great example of CG gone wrong.

Harbinger Down follows a group of students following a pod of Orcas with the assistance of a crew on a fishing vessel. Both groups discover a Russian space capsule. People in the crew start “getting sick” and soon the shit starts hitting the fan when those crew members become Alien creatures. Everyone in the crew starts to become paranoid and at the same time trying to figure out how to defeat this menace. Cue Lance Henriksen and a bunch of random actors as they try to save the day.

Don't worry, I'm totally not infected.
Don’t worry, I’m totally not infected.

A Toast

Lance Henriksen is pretty much the best part of this movie, hands down. To be honest, he’s usually the best part of any movie or TV show that he appears on; Dude is an all-time stud. The unfortunate thing is that he is pretty old and didn’t get a ton of starring work in his younger days, but Bishop from Aliens will forever be one of my favorite characters of all time. Henriksen rant over. This being a movie produced completely by a special effects studio, one could probably guess that the creature designs are going to be on point. The good thing is that this movie will not disappoint you in that department. The aliens in this movie are pretty gruesome and that is spectacular for a horror movie.

Practical effects done right.
Practical effects done right.

Beer Two

For all of the great creature designs in this movie, there are a ton of wonky looking effects. You can tell  that the production team wanted to do everything in a practical manner, but it was either the way the movie was shot or there was CG layered over the practical models. Some of the shots look fucking weird and at times the motion on the screen looks way too quick/sped up. If the practical effects looked a little off by themselves on-screen, I could forgive it. But trying to cover the practical effects in CG is just disappointing.

This movie 100% needed a character like Ripley in it.
This movie 100% needed a character like Ripley in it.

Beer Three

All of the actors in this movie beside Lance Henriksen really do not showcase anything in terms of ability. No character development is a bad sign when most of the characters in the movie are pretty unlikable. The story starts to fall apart right around the time the Russian conspiracy is introduced, but the plot was never really the focal point of this movie. For a movie that marketed itself as the child of Aliens and The Thing, the end result was simply disappointing.

or MacReady.
or MacReady.


Not great and not awful, this movie lands somewhere firmly in the middle. Give this a look if you are looking for a decent horror movie and are a Lance Henriksen fan.


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