Handle With Care (1977)

Drinking Game

Take a Drink: whenever somebody uses the CB… oh wait, it never stops

Take a Drink: for CB sex

Take a Drink: for each version of events we hear

Take a Drink: for every CB slang you recognize

Take a Drink: for philandering

Take a Drink: for every “raid”

Take a Drink: whenever Spider’s dad threatens to kills his dog

Do a Shot: every time CB solves an emergency

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Movie Review

By: Henry J. Fromage (Three Beers) –

There’s a network that has infiltrated every aspect of life, providing a forum for an entire range of positives and negatives: hatespeech, emotional support, catfish, sex, emergency relief, crazy dogmas, and the rambling of lonely people. I am talking, of course, about CB radio.


Truly, the greatest standard of communication

Handle With Care is Jonathan Demme’s love letter to CB radio, set in a Kansan community that is absolutely obsessed with it. Everyone uses it for their own, sometimes salacious, purposes, but one young man is intent on cleaning up the airwaves so they don’t interfere with its original emergency services purpose.

A Toast

Describing the plot is kinda tough, because there really isn’t much of one. Instead, the main purpose, and pleasure , of this movie is assembling a colorful cast of characters and bouncing them off each other in various amusing ways. The result is more overtly comedic, Richard Linklater-style portrait of a homespun community obsessed with CB radios and embroiled in all sorts of complicated but frank relationships, like, say, the long-haul trucker who has two wives in different cities and a prostitute friend who he buys a camper for…

Handle with Care hot coffee

I would love a spinoff about “The Adventure s of Hot Coffee, the Motorhome Hooker”

Overall, the film is anecdotal, but often quite funny, but it’s also an interesting peek into the early career of Jonathan Demme. Who would guess that the man who brought us Hannibal Lecter and Buffalo Bill in all their glory would make a rather light-hearted romp like this, but the rudiments of that cinematic skill are on display here, especially his use of montage, and the way he frames the camera almost voyeuristically at times (that mirror shot David Fincher would be proud of).

Beer Two

Honestly, the film is almost a little too low-key. When the drama does crop up, it’s kind of hard to invest in it, especially the “very special episode” ending, in which the town unites to search for a senile old man. They find him playing cowboy, because of course they do.

Beer Three

This also feels like a shameless commercial for CB radio. Did you know it could solve literally any problem? At one point a guy literally comforts a seriously injured man with “Help should be here soon. Got a CB.”  I’m surprised he didn’t just pass the receiver over his wounds to heal them.


This mighta made him feel better.


Handle With Care is a slight, but raunchy and fun comedy from the guy who directed Silence of the Lambs. Yup.


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