Gremlins 2: The New Batch (1990)

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By: Henry J. Fromage (Four Beers) –

I just watched the first Gremlins, I have half a bottle of rum and plenty of Coke left, and tomorrow’s my day off.  What the hell else do you think I’m going to watch?


Haha, fuck you.

Gremlins 2 finds our delightfully marketable Mogwai Gizmo end up at the same New York super-corporation “fully automated” office tower that fresh-faced and still dopey Billy Peltzer and his even fresher-faced girlfriend just started working at.  Wonder what’s gonna happen from here…

A Toast

I do have to say, this is one of the ballsier franchise sequels ever made.  It opens exactly like a Looney Tunes cartoon, and the movie ends up being pretty much exactly that- a live action, ridiculously meta, in-joke saturated continuation of the first.  The violence is more cartoony and over the top, the movie references and sick jokes fly faster, the voicework is a star all its own (the droll automated building voice, the nittering, chatty Gremlins themselves, and Tony fuckin’ Randall as a hyper-intelligent Gremlin are all incredible), this happens:


It’s a goddam cartoon.

Beer Two

It’s a goddam cartoon.  When the Gremlins are busy being agents of chaos, it’s a pretty good one (I especially like the ridiculousness that ensues once they break into the lab and transform in any number of ways).  Just like the original, though, when they’re not present the movie is a damp squib.  It shouldn’t take half the damn movie for them to truly show up, either.


Give me Gremlins, not inbred Mogwai!

Beer Three

There are some fun meta moments and great jokes in this, but it’s also chock full of incredibly lame jokes.  Revolving door gag, anyone?  There are more groans at this than in a convention center that accidentally double booked a Taco Bell eating contest and a seniors swingers party.  “We’ll get the next one” indeed.  It’s like a generic 90s joke book gained sentience and wrote a script.

Beer Four

This movie is straight nasty.  Your Mom back when she starred in Wreckx-N-Effect videos nasty.  That video where she tried to achieve booty shake exit velocity right after spending all day at the Taco Bell Swingers Party Convention nasty.


Mmmmmm… beefy


The eventual presence of the Gremlins once more barely redeems this feature length Looney Tune.


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  1. You know that Joe Dante didn’t even want to do the film, but eventually relented after the studios offered him total creative control? The movie isn’t just a cartoon, it’s a satire of late 80s-early 90s pop culture, and an intentionally wry send-up of the original movie and its tropes. (The Leonard Maltin scene alone is pure genius.)

    • I applaud the mindset, but I question the execution. I think it was actually best when it was trying to be a nasty-minded cartoon. It’s the “satire” that generally can’t rise above “let’s throw a headband on Gizmo and pretend he’s Rambo” levels that I found lame and toothless. That being said, the Maltin bit was pretty cool.

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