The Green Inferno (2015) Main Review: Either You’re In On Eli Roth, Or You’re Out

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By: Movie Snurb (Three Beers) –

It’s been 35 years since the world was blessed with Cannibal Holocaust and now we have been blessed again with The Green Inferno. However, instead of a documentary team going to film indigenous tribes, a group of student activists head to Peru to stop the deforestation and save a tribe. Well, things don’t go as planned and their plane crashes and the students are taken captive by the tribe they were trying to save. The tribe then decides to eat each student one after another. Roth’s films are definitely not for the faint of heart and this film is no exception.


A Toast

The first thing Eli Roth did right was making a very unlikable cast. Every character is very annoying and fairly stupid. All of these characters decide to follow this jackass Alejandro. He tells this group of student activists that this certain group of land in Peru is going to be destroyed and they need to go down there and stop them. Well, everyone agrees and they leave in less than a week. How stupid are these kids that they decide to do this with barely any information?

This goes along with what I think Roth was trying to convey, which is our generation wants to help people and fix things but we don’t really think before we act. People that really shouldn’t go out and do these things see it done by someone on the Internet and they think, “Oh, I can do that.” Then, before they know it, they’re in over their head. So remember next time you see a commercial or ad on YouTube and think you should do something, just stay home and send some money.


I liked the fact that Roth put the effort in and used real tribespeople and filmed in the real Peruvian jungle. I think using actors and filming in Hawaii might not have had the same effect.  Using real tribespeople helped kick up the disturbing factor. They also were good in the film; granted they were in their element and aside from the eating humans they were just doing their normal things. But they were still very good and I applaud Roth on going the extra mile.

Last and this should be a given; it was disturbing. Eli Roth knows how to make a disturbing film. I hate this term but he really is the king of “Torture Porn.” This film just shows why he earned that title and he also keeps his title with this film. Whether you like or hate Roth you have to admit; he knows how to do disturbing and horrifying.


Beer Two

Sky Ferreira. Please never act again. The first 10 minutes were almost ruined because of her abysmal acting. I was so glad to know that she wasn’t going to be a main character in the film. Her performance could be one of the worst acting performances I’ve ever scene. I think there are trees and rocks that actually had more acting talent then Ferreira. Please do all of us a favor and stay away from film and T.V.


Please just stop!

Beer Three

I was fairly disappointed with the effects in this film. (Spoiler!) When Jonah is cut to pieces, with his eyes and tongue eaten then limbs cut off, the effects were a little cheap (Spoiler Over!). I could definitely tell that it was not a person being cut up but rather a dummy. Then later on Daniel is tied up and has ants put all over him and you can tell it’s CGI. It was reminiscent of The Wicker Man remake “NO! NOT THE BEES!” or any made for T.V. movie on the SyFy channel. Cannibal Holocaust inspired this film, so I expected this film to be super grotesque, but it was a bit of a let down in that department.


Man, that’s a bad movie


You either like Roth or you don’t. If you don’t like him steer clear of this film. You’ll be grossed out and too disturbed. If you like Roth then this film is right up your alley. I’m a big fan of Roth’s and I ‘d say The Green Inferno is on par with Roth’s other films.


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