No Good Deed (2014)

Drinking Game

Do a Shot: every time Collin reminds you he has a gun.

Drink a Beer: every time echoy malignant narcissist mode happens.

Do a Shot: for every head shot!

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Movie Review

By: Joel Olivo (Four Beers) –

After a parole hearing does not go his way, Collin Evans (Idris Elba) escapes, ending up on Terri’s (Taraji B. Henson) door step. With her husband out of town, she goes against her gut and helps the stranger who claims he is having car trouble during a storm.

A Toast

Close shots and great sound effects often made me “feel” the brutality! It was like I was right next to Idris while we were murdering people!

image 2

“I really feel like I’m being murdered by Idris Elba!”

Also, to Idris Elba and the deep and meaningful stares.

Simply put there are a lot of closeup shots of people looking at each other. Lots of eyeball shots. The tension is so real when they look at each other… a lot.

image 6

“Have I told you I have a gun?”

Beer Two

Idris Elba and titanium cranium aka you just got Taraji’ed.

Image 1

“I’d  Taraji’ed any time.”

The internet is full of colorful catchphrases, the one floating around for this film is “You just got Taraji’ed.” Throughout the film she delivers a bevy of head-shots to the antagonist that do not stop him. Either Collin had a concussion through most of this movie, or his skull is made of adamantium.

image 4

“Skull envy.”

Beer Three

Idris Elba and the awkward moment.

There are alot of moments that make you cringe in this movie.  Unfortunately, none of them are from jump scares.  Without giving too much away,  scenes where Edris and Taraji are walking closely together but not talking, and the “shower scene” left me going WTF?

image 5

“Maybe being Elba’d isn’t so bad after all.”

Beer Four

Idris Elba versus the world’s best-behaved kids.

Okay these kids… they are sleepy, it’s late and  Taraji just fed them hot dogs and mac and cheese BUT come on… unless they have been sedated with baby Nyquil they should be a little more aware that Mommy is not alright…

image 3

“All this food is making me so sleepy I won’t be able to react to any loud noises or danger scenarios…”

or “I’m a tough super hero, but do nothing to help my mother….”


I’m a sucker for thrillers, especially of the home invasion variety. That being said, I had a great time. However, your average movie viewer will not appreciate the “claustrophobic” shooting style that often leaves you close enough to count Idra’s nose hairs. They will appreciate a decent twist (some people won’t see it coming) and a strong female protagonist who is done taking s*** from men! A solid five beers, go see it if you like thrillers, decent actors, and extreme violence.


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